List of Post Offices/ Pincodes Of Sonapur District, Odisha
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Post Office DistrictPincode
B.Sibtala B.OSonapur767016
Babupali B.OSonapur767045
Badbhainro B.OSonapur767016
Badkarle B.OSonapur767045
Bagbar B.OSonapur767018
Baidyanath B.OSonapur767017
Bankigirdi B.OSonapur767045
Bankipali B.OSonapur767023
Bausuni B.OSonapur767019
Beheramal B.OSonapur767023
Bhandar B.OSonapur767019
Bhimtikra B.OSonapur767019
Binka S.OSonapur767019
Birmaharajpur S.OSonapur767018
Bisimunda B.OSonapur767017
Brahmani B.OSonapur767016
Chadeipank B.OSonapur767062
Charbhata B.OSonapur767016
Cherupali B.OSonapur767023
Chinajuri B.OSonapur 767023
Deulpadar B.OSonapur767020
Dharamsala B.OSonapur767062
Digsira B.OSonapur767023
Dubula B.OSonapur767016
Gajbandh B.OSonapur767019
Ghodaghatpara S.OSonapur767017
Harinapali B.OSonapur767062
Hikudi B.OSonapur767062
Hillung B.OSonapur 767018
Ichhapur B.OSonapur767023
Jaloi B.OSonapur767018
Jatesingha B.OSonapur767018
Jhartarbha B.OSonapur767016
Jullunda B.OSonapur767019
Kadodar B.OSonapur767018
Kalapathar B.OSonapur767018
Kamalpur B.OSonapur767018
Kamsara B.OSonapur767016
Karlajuri B.OSonapur767023
Kartang B.OSonapur 767019
Kenghriapali B.OSonapur767018
Khaliapali B.OSonapur767017
Khambeswaripali B.OSonapur767017
Khandahata B.OSonapur767018
Khari B.OSonapur767016
Kotsamalai B.OSonapur767018
Kumarkeli B.OSonapur767018
Lachhipur S.OSonapur767068
Lingamani B.OSonapur767045
Lupursingha B.OSonapur767068
Luthurpank B.OSonapur767018
Mahada B.OSonapur767019
Mahadevpali B.OSonapur767019
Maradoguchha B.OSonapur767016
Matiapali B.OSonapur767068
Mayurudan B.OSonapur767017
Meghla B.OSonapur767019
Menda B.OSonapur 767016
Mursundhi B.OSonapur767018
Naikpada B.OSonapur767062
Nakdei B.OSonapur767062
Narayanpur B.OSonapur767016
Panchamahala B.OSonapur767062
Pitamahul B.OSonapur767018
Pua B.OSonapur767016
R. Mayabarha B.OSonapur767045
Raksa B.OSonapur767062
Ranisarda B.OSonapur767020
Rengali B.OSonapur767068
S. Kalapathar B.OSonapur767017
S.Mahada B.OSonapur767018
S.Patrapali B.OSonapur767062
Samaleichuan B.OSonapur767023
Sankara B.OSonapur767019
Sarasmal B.OSonapur767045
Sargaj B.OSonapur767016
Sargul B.OSonapur 767023
Seledi B.OSonapur767019
Silati B.OSonapur767019
Sindhol B.OSonapur767062
Sindurpur B.OSonapur767019
Singhari B.OSonapur767016
Singhijuba B.OSonapur767045
Sohela B.OSonapur767023
Sonepur Badbazar S.OSonapur767017
Sonepur Rampur S.OSonapur767045
Sonepur S.O (Sonapur)Sonapur767017
Spinning Mills S.OSonapur767017
Subalaya B.OSonapur767018
Sukha B.OSonapur767023
Tamamura B.OSonapur767023
Tarbha Bazar S.OSonapur767016
Tarbha S.OSonapur767016
Tullunda B.OSonapur 767016
Ullunda S.OSonapur 767062
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