List of Post Offices/ Pincodes Of Sambalpur District, Odisha
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Post Office DistrictPincode
Ainlapali B.OSambalpur 768104
Ainthapali S.OSambalpur768004
Ardabahal B.OSambalpur768222
Babu Nikitimal B.OSambalpur768228
Babuchipidihi Ho B.OSambalpur 768221
Badapada B.OSambalpur 768221
Badasahir B.OSambalpur 768112
Badbahal B.OSambalpur 768227
Badrama B.OSambalpur768107
Baduapali B.OSambalpur768113
Badumermunda B.OSambalpur768221
Baham B.OSambalpur768112
Baijamunda PSSK B.OSambalpur768006
Baliturei B.OSambalpur768228
Bamandagarh B.OSambalpur 768107
Bamphei B.OSambalpur 768221
Bamra S.OSambalpur 768221
Bamrabasti B.OSambalpur 768221
Banke B.OSambalpur 768227
Bansajal B.OSambalpur 768105
Barbazar B.OSambalpur 768006
Bareipali B.OSambalpur 768006
Bargaon B.OSambalpur 768113
Barhamundi B.OSambalpur 768107
Basantpur B.OSambalpur 768025
Basiapara B.OSambalpur 768105
Basupali B.OSambalpur 768212
Batemura B.OSambalpur 768005
Batgaon B.OSambalpur 768106
Baunslaga B.OSambalpur 768221
Bauriguda B.OSambalpur 768222
Baxma B.OSambalpur 768222
Bharatapur PSSK B.OSambalpur 768106
Bhatpura B.OSambalpur 768107
Bhikampali PSSK B.OSambalpur 768226
Bhoipali B.OSambalpur768222
Bhojpur B.OSambalpur768107
Bilung B.OSambalpur768228
Binjipali B.OSambalpur768214
Birsinghgarh B.OSambalpur768105
Bishalkhinda B.OSambalpur768200
Bomaloi B.OSambalpur768212
Bss Nagar S.OSambalpur768001
Budharaja S.OSambalpur768004
Burbuda B.OSambalpur768221
Burla S.OSambalpur768017
C.A. Chiplima S.OSambalpur768025
Chakuliabahal B.OSambalpur768107
Chandinimal B.OSambalpur768222
Charmal B.OSambalpur768106
Chaurpur B.OSambalpur768005
Chhamunda B.OSambalpur768105
Chhatabar B.OSambalpur768228
Chinimahul B.OSambalpur768107
Chiplima S.OSambalpur768026
Daincha B.OSambalpur 768106
Dakra B.OSambalpur 768113
Dangajore B.OSambalpur 768224
Dangarpara B.OSambalpur 768112
Deogaon PSSK B.OSambalpur 768113
Dhama S.OSambalpur 768113
Dhankauda B.OSambalpur 768006
Dhanupali S.OSambalpur 768005
Dhudipali B.OSambalpur 768222
Dimirikuda B.OSambalpur 768107
Engineering College Burla S.OSambalpur 768018
Fasimal B.OSambalpur 768107
Fulkusum PSSK B.OSambalpur 768106
Gadgadbahal B.OSambalpur 768105
Gardega B.OSambalpur 768224
Garmunda B.OSambalpur 768006
Garposh S.OSambalpur 768224
Gasinapada B.OSambalpur 768227
Ghichamura B.OSambalpur768212
Ghosaramal B.OSambalpur768106
Ghunghuti B.OSambalpur 768221
Girischandrapur B.OSambalpur 768106
Gochhara B.OSambalpur 768222
Godloisingh B.OSambalpur 768105
Godrapara B.OSambalpur 768222
Golebazar S.OSambalpur 768001
Gosala Chowk S.OSambalpur 768025
Gourpali S.OSambalpur 768112
Gundurchuan B.OSambalpur 768107
Hardipali B.OSambalpur 768222
Hatibari B.OSambalpur 768105
Hirakud S.OSambalpur 768016
J.Rengali B.OSambalpur 768105
Jagruti Vihar Burla S.OSambalpur 768020
Jamadarpali B.OSambalpur 768200
Jamankira S.OSambalpur 768107
Jamujori B.OSambalpur 768106
Jamumal B.OSambalpur 768107
Jayantapur B.OSambalpur 768112
Jhankarpali B.OSambalpur 768005
Jharghati Colony B.OSambalpur 768212
Jharuapara S.OSambalpur 768001
Jorabaga B.OSambalpur 768228
Jujumura S.OSambalpur 768105
Jyoti Vihar Burla S.OSambalpur 768019
K. Jamankira B.OSambalpur 768227
K. Jhankarpali B.OSambalpur 768212
Kabrapali B.OSambalpur 768112
Kabribahal B.OSambalpur 768228
Kadaligarh B.OSambalpur 768106
Kalamati B.OSambalpur 768025
Kandalapala B.OSambalpur 768045
Katarbaga B.OSambalpur 768212
Katarkela B.OSambalpur 768107
Kechhopani B.OSambalpur 768221
Kelloballam B.OSambalpur 768106
Kenadhipa B.OSambalpur768214
Kesaibahal S.OSambalpur 768228
Keshapali B.OSambalpur 768105
Khalbilung B.OSambalpur 768228
Khandakata B.OSambalpur 768222
Kharsanmal B.OSambalpur 768112
Khetrajpur S.OSambalpur 768003
Khinda B.OSambalpur 768212
Kilasama B.OSambalpur768212
Kinabaga B.OSambalpur768224
Kinaloi B.OSambalpur 768214
Kindira B.OSambalpur 768222
Kisinda B.OSambalpur768106
Kuarmal B.OSambalpur768221
Kuchinda S.OSambalpur 768222
Kudgunderpur PSSK B.OSambalpur 768026
Kukudapali B.OSambalpur768200
Kuleigarh B.OSambalpur768222
Kulundi B.OSambalpur 768112
Kuntara B.OSambalpur768227
Kurla B.OSambalpur 768212
Kusumi S.OSambalpur 768227
Kuturchuan B.OSambalpur 768222
Kuturimal B.OSambalpur 768221
Lad B.OSambalpur 768222
Laida S.OSambalpur 768214
Laidaguma B.OSambalpur 768227
Laigura B.OSambalpur 768222
Lapanga B.OSambalpur 768212
Lariapali B.OSambalpur 768228
Lipinda B.OSambalpur 768105
Luhapank B.OSambalpur 768106
M. Balanda B.OSambalpur768228
Mahalingkudar B.OSambalpur768107
Mahulpali B.OSambalpur768228
Maltigunderpur B.OSambalpur768005
Maneswar B.OSambalpur 768005
Medical College Burla S.OSambalpur 768017
Mochibahal B.OSambalpur768105
Mudhenapali B.OSambalpur 768112
Mudipara S.OSambalpur 768002
N.Barangamal B.OSambalpur 768112
Naktideul S.OSambalpur 768118
Nuaburda B.OSambalpur768112
Nuapali B.OSambalpur768224
P. Niktimal B.OSambalpur768228
Padiabahal B.OSambalpur768112
Pankenpada B.OSambalpur768221
Parmanpur B.OSambalpur 768200
Paruabhadi B.OSambalpur 768222
Patrapali B.OSambalpur 768212
Pindapathar B.OSambalpur 768224
Purunapani B.OSambalpur768222
R.Badbahal B.OSambalpur768106
R.Badmal B.OSambalpur 768105
Ragba B.OSambalpur 768224
Rairakhol S.OSambalpur 768106
Ramtileimal B.OSambalpur 768222
Rangiatikira B.OSambalpur 768221
Rasanpur B.OSambalpur 768005
Remed S.OSambalpur 768006
Rengali S.OSambalpur 768212
Routbahal B.OSambalpur 768228
Sadamal B.OSambalpur 768214
Sagra B.OSambalpur 768224
Sahaspur B.OSambalpur768113
Salebhadi B.OSambalpur768227
Salesingha B.OSambalpur768113
Sambalpur Court S.OSambalpur768001
Sambalpur H.OSambalpur768001
Sangramal B. Camp B.OSambalpur768200
Sankarma B.OSambalpur768006
Sanmundaloi B.OSambalpur768227
Sarapali B.OSambalpur768106
Sarda B.OSambalpur768107
Sargidihi B.OSambalpur768228
Sasan Rs S.OSambalpur768200
Satkama B.OSambalpur768222
Shirod B.OSambalpur768107
Similipal B.OSambalpur768106
Sindurpank B.OSambalpur768005
Sole B.OSambalpur768228
Subarnapali B.OSambalpur768222
Tabadabahal PSSK B.OSambalpur768200
Tabla B.OSambalpur768200
Tainsar B.OSambalpur768227
Talab B.OSambalpur768200
Talsara B.OSambalpur768228
Tampargarh B.OSambalpur768112
Tamperkela B.OSambalpur768200
Telitileimal B.OSambalpur768222
Themra B.OSambalpur768005
Tikiba B.OSambalpur768107
Tikilipada B.OSambalpur768107
Tileimal B.OSambalpur768221
Tribanpur B.OSambalpur768106
Turei B.OSambalpur768228
Turei-niktimal B.OSambalpur768227
Uchakapat B.OSambalpur768221
Uttargaon B.OSambalpur768228
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