List of Post Offices/ Pincodes Of Malkangiri District, Odisha
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Post Office DistrictPincode
Anantapali B.OMalkangiri764087
Andrapali B.OMalkangiri764052
Attanda B.OMalkangiri764041
B.Mamidi B.OMalkangiri 764051
Badapadar B.OMalkangiri764052
Balimela S.OMalkangiri764051
Bapanpali B.OMalkangiri 764047
Bhejangiwada B.OMalkangiri 764047
Birlaxmipur B.OMalkangiri 764044
Bodili B.OMalkangiri 764086
Boiliguma B.OMalkangiri 764052
Chalanguda B.OMalkangiri 764045
Chaulmendi B.OMalkangiri 764044
Chedenga B.OMalkangiri 764044
Chitapari B.OMalkangiri 764051
Chitrakonda S.OMalkangiri 764052
Chitrangpali B.OMalkangiri 764086
Dalapatiguda B.OMalkangiri 764044
Doraguda B.OMalkangiri 764052
Dungiaput B.OMalkangiri 764044
Dyke-1 B.OMalkangiri 764051
Girikanpalli B.OMalkangiri 764047
Gongola B.OMalkangiri 764044
Gopagonda B.OMalkangiri 764047
Goudaguda B.OMalkangiri 764045
Govindpalli B.OMalkangiri 764044
Gunthawada B.OMalkangiri 764052
Gurakhunta B.OMalkangiri 764086
Jharapalli B.OMalkangiri 764045
Jodamba B.OMalkangiri 764052
Kalimela S.OMalkangiri 764047
Kambeda B.OMalkangiri 764051
Kartanpalli B.OMalkangiri 764044
Kiyanga B.OMalkangiri 764044
Kongurukonda B.OMalkangiri 764047
Korukonda B.OMalkangiri 764045
Kottapali B.O Malkangiri764044
Kudumuluguma B.OMalkangiri 764043
Kutunipalli B.OMalkangiri764044
Lachipeta S.OMalkangiri764087
Maharajpalli B.OMalkangiri764087
Malavaram B.OMalkangiri764087
Malkangiri Colony S.OMalkangiri764048
Malkangiri S.OMalkangiri764045
Manyamkonda B.OMalkangiri764047
Maranpalli B.OMalkangiri764047
Mariwada B.OMalkangiri764045
Mathili S.OMalkangiri764044
Mekka B.OMalkangiri 764044
Mendukuli B.OMalkangiri764044
Metapoka B.OMalkangiri764086
Mohupadar B.OMalkangiri764044
Motteru B.OMalkangiri764047
Motu B.OMalkangiri 764087
Muduliguda B.OMalkangiri764051
Naikaguda B.OMalkangiri764044
Nakamamidi B.OMalkangiri764051
Nallagunthi B.OMalkangiri764047
Nilakhambari B.OMalkangiri764051
Niliguda B.OMalkangiri764047
Padmagiri B.OMalkangiri764045
Panasput B.OMalkangiri764052
Panchabati B.OMalkangiri764045
Pandripani B.OMalkangiri764044
Papermetla B.OMalkangiri764052
Pedakonda B.OMalkangiri764045
Podia B.OMalkangiri764047
Pongam B.OMalkangiri 764044
Populuru B.OMalkangiri764052
Potrel B.OMalkangiri764051
Pulimetla B.OMalkangiri 764086
Relageda B.OMalkangiri764052
Salimi B.OMalkangiri764044
Saradhapalli S.OMalkangiri 764086
Sikhapali B.OMalkangiri764086
Simlibamchha B.OMalkangiri764047
Somnathpur B.OMalkangiri764043
Talarai B.OMalkangiri764047
Tamasa B.OMalkangiri 764045
Tandabai B.OMalkangiri764087
Tandiki B.OMalkangiri764045
Tarlakota B.OMalkangiri 764051
Temurupali B.OMalkangiri764044
Tumusapalli B.OMalkangiri764045
Udilibeda B.OMalkangiri764044
Venkatpallam B.OMalkangiri764047
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