List of Post Offices/ Pincodes Of Khordha/Khurda District, Odisha
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Post Office DistrictPincode
A G S.OKhorda751001
Abhayamukhi B.OKhorda 752103
Abhimanpur B.OKhorda752021
Acharya Vihar S.OKhorda751022
Achyutpur B.OKhorda 752021
Aerodrome Area S.OKhorda 751020
Aiginia B.OKhorda751019
Airport S.O (Khorda)Khorda751020
Anda B.OKhorda752060
Andharua B.OKhorda 751003
Angarpada B.OKhorda752054
Ankulachati B.OKhorda752030
Antarkiari B.OKhorda 752031
Arakhapalli B.OKhorda752066
Arikama B.OKhorda752064
Arugul B.OKhorda 752050
Asaral B.OKhorda752064
Ashok Nagar S.O (Khorda)Khorda751009
Athantar B.OKhorda752102
Ayatapur B.OKhorda 752035
B J B Nagar S.OKhorda751014
Badaberena B.OKhorda752061
Badagarh Brit Colony S.OKhorda 751018
Badakul B.OKhorda752030
Badapari B.OKhorda752023
Badasereipur B.OKhorda 752031
Badatota B.OKhorda752050
Badhantuad B.OKhorda752031
Baghamari S.OKhorda 752061
Bagheitangi B.OKhorda752055
Bajpur S.OKhorda752060
Baku B.OKhorda 752019
Balakati S.OKhorda752100
Balianta S.OKhorda752101
Balidihi B.OKhorda 752031
Balipatna S.OKhorda752102
Balugaon Bazar S.OKhorda752030
Balugaon S.OKhorda752030
Banamalipur S.OKhorda 752103
Bangida B.OKhorda752056
Bankoi B.OKhorda752066
Bankual B.OKhorda 751002
Banpur Odagaon B.OKhorda 752035
Banpur S.O (Khorda)Khorda752031
Bapujee Nagar S.OKhorda751009
Baradangi B.OKhorda752066
Baradiharikunda B.OKhorda 752034
Baradihi B.OKhorda752027
Baramunda Colony S.OKhorda751003
Barikilo B.OKhorda752062
Barimunda B.OKhorda 754001
Baulabandha B.OKhorda752034
Begunia S.OKhorda752062
Belapada B.OKhorda 752030
Benupur B.OKhorda752101
Bhainchua B.OKhorda752100
Bhakarsahi B.OKhorda 752103
Bhanranizigarh B.OKhorda752103
Bharatpur B.OKhorda751003
Bhatapada B.OKhorda 752019
Bhatpatna S.OKhorda752115
Bheteswar B.OKhorda752031
Bhimatangi ND S.OKhorda 751002
Bhimpur B.OKhorda752031
Bhimpur Padanpur B.OKhorda752050
Bhogada B.OKhorda752061
Bhoinagar S.OKhorda 751022
Bhola S.OKhorda754012
Bhuasunipatna B.OKhorda752061
Bhubaneswar Court S.OKhorda751014
Bhubaneswar G.P.O.Khorda751001
Bhubaneswar R S S.OKhorda751009
Bhubaneswar Secretariate S.OKhorda751001
Bhusundapur B.OKhorda752021
Birakesharpur B.OKhorda 752020
Biribadi B.OKhorda752027
Biswanathpur B.OKhorda752102
Bolagarh S.OKhorda752066
Botalama B.OKhorda 752038
Brahman Suanlo B.OKhorda752100
Brahmanasarangi B.OKhorda752102
Brajamohanpur B.OKhorda752018
Budheswari Colony S.OKhorda751006
C G Colony S.OKhorda751001
C R P Lines S.OKhorda 751011
Chakapada B.OKhorda752062
Chanahat B.OKhorda752102
Chandeswar B.OKhorda 752023
Chandra Sekhar Pur S.OKhorda 751016
Chhamundiapalli B.O Khorda752064
Chhanagiri B.OKhorda752020
Chhatipur B.OKhorda 752060
Chhatrapada B.OKhorda752038
Dabardhuapatna B.OKhorda752066
Dadhimachhagadia B.OKhorda752056
Dalatola B.OKhorda752056
Daleiput B.OKhorda 752056
Damanbhuin B.OKhorda752020
Damiabarabara B.OKhorda752035
Dandichhatabar B.OKhorda752054
Dara B.OKhorda754005
Darada B.OKhorda 752102
Deuli B.O Khorda752064
Deulidharpur B.OKhorda752103
Dibyasinghpur B.OKhorda752031
Dighiri B.OKhorda752066
Dingar B.OKhorda 752062
Dolakasati B.OKhorda752102
Dumduma Housing Board Colony S.OKhorda751019
G.G.P.Colony S.OKhorda751025
Gadanial B.OKhorda752055
Gambharimunda S.OKhorda 752035
Gandarpur B.OKhorda754005
Gangadharpur S.OKhorda752034
Ganganagar S.O (Khorda)Khorda751003
Gangapada B.OKhorda752054
Garh Srirampur B.OKhorda 752100
Garhkharad B.OKhorda 752019
Garhmanitri B.OKhorda752062
Garhsanput B.OKhorda752060
Garidipanchana B.OKhorda 752102
Gediapalli B.OKhorda752061
Ghatikia B.OKhorda751003
Ghiakhala B.OKhorda 752030
Goda B.OKhorda752062
Godabaris Mahavidyalaya B.OKhorda 752031
Godikilo B.OKhorda 752038
Godiput Matiapada B.OKhorda 752050
Golabai B.O Khorda752020
Gopalipada B.OKhorda752066
Gopinathpur B.OKhorda 751002
Goudapatna B.O Khorda752038
Gudum B.OKhorda752056
Gurujanga B.OKhorda 752055
Hadapada B.OKhorda752018
Haja B.OKhorda 752020
Haladia B.O Khorda752055
Haldiapada B.OKhorda752060
Harachandi Sahi S.OKhorda 751002
Harichandanpur B.OKhorda752035
Haripur B.OKhorda752021
Haripur B.OKhorda 752066
Haripursasan B.OKhorda752034
Harirajpur B.OKhorda752050
I R C Village S.OKhorda751015
Itipur B.OKhorda 751002
Jadupur B.OKhorda751019
Jagannathpur B.OKhorda752101
Jankia S.OKhorda752020
Janla S.OKhorda752054
Jaripada B.OKhorda 752022
Jatni S.OKhorda 752050
Jayapur B.OKhorda752101
Jharapada B.OKhorda751006
Jhinti Sasan B.OKhorda752100
K I I T S.OKhorda751024
Kadab B.OKhorda 752062
Kaimatia B.OKhorda752054
Kaipadar B.OKhorda752056
Kakarudrapur B.OKhorda 752102
Kalanga B.OKhorda752066
Kalarahanga B.OKhorda751024
Kalpana Square S.OKhorda 751006
Kaluparaghat S.OKhorda752022
Kalyanpur B.OKhorda752056
Kalyanpur B.OKhorda 754001
Kalyanpur Sasan B.OKhorda751002
Kamaguru B.OKhorda752021
Kantabad B.OKhorda 752061
Kantabad B.OKhorda752054
Kantapada B.OKhorda752103
Kantia B.OKhorda 752050
Karadgadia B.OKhorda752056
Kausalyaganga B.OKhorda751002
Kedargouri S.OKhorda 751002
Keranga B.OKhorda 752055
Kesharpur B.OKhorda752019
Khanat B.OKhorda752030
Khandagiri S.OKhorda 751030
Kharavela Nagar S.OKhorda751001
Khurda H.OKhorda752055
Khurda Road RS S.OKhorda 752050
Kotapalla B.OKhorda 752061
Kudiari B.OKhorda752050
Kuha B.OKhorda751002
Kuhuri S.OKhorda 752027
Kulei B.OKhorda752034
Kumaranga B.OKhorda752031
Kumarbasta B.OKhorda 752055
Kunjuri B.OKhorda752027
Kunjuri B.OKhorda752056
Kusumati B.OKhorda 752050
Kusumi B.OKhorda752021
Laxminarayanpur B.OKhorda752100
Laxmisagar S.O (Khorda)Khorda751006
Lendu B.OKhorda752019
Loco Settlement S.OKhorda 752050
Madanpur B.OKhorda 752054
Madhusudan Nagar S.O (Khorda)Khorda 751022
Mahukhanda B.OKhorda752102
Mahura B.OKhorda752054
Majhihara B.OKhorda 752103
Malipada B.OKhorda751003
Malipada B.OKhorda752018
Malipadar B.OKhorda 752061
Mancheswar B.OKhorda751017
Mancheswar R S B.OKhorda751017
Mancheswar Railway Colony S.OKhorda751017
Mangalajodi B.OKhorda 752023
Manibandha B.OKhorda 752064
Manikagoda B.OKhorda752066
Mendhasala B.OKhorda752054
Mordabadi B.OKhorda 752066
Motta B.OKhorda752020
Muktapur B.OKhorda752055
Mukundaprasad B.OKhorda 752055
Nachuni B.OKhorda752034
Naharakanta B.OKhorda752101
Nairi B.OKhorda752034
Nalipada Arjunpur B.OKhorda752055
Narangarh S.OKhorda752018
Narayanipada B.OKhorda 752062
Narendrapur B.OKhorda 752031
Nariso B.OKhorda 754004
Naval Base Chilika S.OKhorda 752037
Nayapalli S.O Khorda751012
Nidhipur B.OKhorda 752020
Nijigarhtapang B.O Khorda752018
Niladriprasad B.OKhorda 752035
Nilgiripatna B.OKhorda 752019
Nirakarpur S.OKhorda 752019
Nuapada B.OKhorda752102
Odal B.OKhorda752019
Olasingh B.OKhorda 752020
Old Town S.O (Khorda)Khorda 751002
Olhan B.OKhorda752019
Orissa Assembly S.OKhorda751001
Orissa Engineering College S.OKhorda752050
Osap Campus S.OKhorda 751017
P N College S.OKhorda 752057
Padmapur B.O Khorda752103
Pahal B.OKhorda752101
Paikatigiria B.OKhorda 752055
Paikerapur B.OKhorda752054
Palaspur B.OKhorda 752054
Pallahat S.OKhorda 752056
Panabaraj B.O Khorda752056
Panchagaon B.OKhorda 752050
Panchugaon B.OKhorda 752035
Pangarsingh B.OKhorda 752061
Parichhala B.OKhorda 752062
Pariorada B.OKhorda 752023
Patabandha B.O Khorda752066
Patia Gds B.OKhorda751024
Patiamal B.OKhorda 752023
Patrapada B.OKhorda 751019
Pichikuli S.OKhorda 752064
Podadihi B.OKhorda 752061
Pokhariput S.OKhorda 751020
Pratap B.OKhorda 752031
Prataprudrapur B.OKhorda 752102
Pubusahi B.OKhorda 752055
Punjiama Sasan B.OKhorda 752031
Raghuagorada B.OKhorda 752102
Rahanbeli B.OKhorda 752030
Raigurupur B.OKhorda 752019
Raipur B.OKhorda752020
Rajabazar S.O (Khorda)Khorda 752050
Rajbhawan S.O (Khorda)Khorda 751008
Ramchandi B.OKhorda752018
Rameswar B.OKhorda 752020
Rasulgarh S.OKhorda751010
Regional Research Laboratory S.O Khorda751013
Reta R.S. B.OKhorda752054
Retang Colony S.OKhorda752050
Routapada B.OKhorda 752062
S.E Rly.Proj. Complex S.O Khorda751023
Sagadabhanga B.OKhorda752038
Sagargaon B.OKhorda752066
Sahaspur B.OKhorda 752031
Saheed Nagar S.OKhorda751007
Sailashree Vihar S.OKhorda751021
Sainik School S.O (Khorda)Khorda751005
Salapdihi B.OKhorda752034
Saliadam B.OKhorda 752031
Sampur B.OKhorda 752066
Sanahantuad B.OKhorda 752031
Sanapadar B.OKhorda752064
Santarapur S.OKhorda 751002
Sarakana B.OKhorda 752100
Sarakantara B.OKhorda 751019
Sardhapur B.OKhorda 752055
Sarua B.OKhorda 752055
Sasan B.OKhorda 752102
Satyabhamapur B.OKhorda752100
Satyanagar S.O (Khorda)Khorda751007
Siko S.OKhorda752038
Simor B.OKhorda 752061
Singheswar B.OKhorda 752030
Singipur S.OKhorda 752021
Sisilo B.OKhorda 752100
Sisupalgarh B.OKhorda 751002
Soran B.OKhorda 752027
Station Bazar B.OKhorda751006
Sunakhala B.OKhorda752034
Sundarpada B.OKhorda 751002
Sundarpur B.OKhorda 752021
Suryanagar S.O (Khorda)Khorda 751003
Tamando B.OKhorda752054
Tangi S.OKhorda752023
Tangisahi B.OKhorda 752066
Tankol B.OKhorda752021
Taraboi B.OKhorda752050
Tartua B.OKhorda 752055
Thanapalli B.OKhorda 752061
Trahi Achyut Nagar B.OKhorda 752100
Turintira B.OKhorda 752102
Turumal B.OKhorda752050
Udyan Marg S.OKhorda751009
Utkal University S.OKhorda751004
V S S Nagar S.OKhorda751007
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