List of Post Offices/ Pincodes Of Bargarh District, Odisha
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Post Office DistrictPincode
Adagaon B.OBargarh 768040
Agalpur B.OBargarh 768029
Areigudi B.OBargarh 768104
Arjunda B.OBargarh 768103
Attabira S.Bargarh 768027
B. Katapali B.O Bargarh768038
B. Tileimal B.OBargarh 768029
Babebira B.OBargarh 768027
Badabrahmani PSSK B.OBargarh 768032
Badapali B.OBargarh 768032
Baddausen B.OBargarh 768032
Badikata B.OBargarh 768036
Bagbadi B.OBargarh 768029
Bakti B.OBargarh 768103
Banda B.OBargarh 768038
Banda-kharmunda B.OBargarh 768038
Bandhapali B.OBargarh 768032
Banhar B.OBargarh768027
Banjipali B.OBargarh768052
Bara B.OBargarh 768045
Baramkela B.OBargarh 768104
Barapadar B.OBargarh 768104
Bardol S.O (Bargarh)Bargarh 768038
Bargarh Bazar S.OBargarh 768028
Bargarh Court S.OBargarh 768028
Bargarh H.OBargarh 768028
Bargarh-bargaon B.OBargarh 768038
Barguda PSSK B.OBargarh 768029
Barhaguda B.OBargarh 768040
Barihapali PSSK B.OBargarh 768049
Barpali S.OBargarh 768029
Bartunda B.OBargarh768039
Bausenmura B.OBargarh768033
Behera B.OBargarh 768029
Beherapali B.OBargarh 768038
Bhadigaon B.OBargarh 768038
Bhainatora B.OBargarh 768045
Bhainsadhara B.OBargarh 768042
Bhandarpuri B.OBargarh768042
Bhatigaon B.OBargarh768029
Bhatli S.OBargarh768030
Bhatli-badmal B.OBargarh 768030
Bheden S.OBargarh768104
Bhengrajpur B.OBargarh768039
Bheunria B.OBargarh768036
Bhoipali B.OBargarh768103
Bhubaneswarpur B.OBargarh768039
Bhukta S.OBargarh768045
Bichuan B.OBargarh768030
Bijadhol B.OBargarh768042
Bijayapali B.OBargarh768029
Bijepur S.OBargarh768032
Bilaspur B.OBargarh768042
Birjam B.OBargarh768034
Birmal B.OBargarh768029
Bisipali B.OBargarh768049
Boden B.OBargarh768036
Budamal B.OBargarh768036
Bugbuga B.OBargarh768027
Burda B.OBargarh768103
Burkel B.OBargarh768036
Chadeigaon B.OBargarh768030
Chakarkend B.OBargarh 768033
Chandibhata B.OBargarh768042
Chandipali PSSK B.Bargarh768038
Chantipali B.OBargarh768035
Chendeikela B.OBargarh768050
Chhetgaon PSSK B.OBargarh768039
Chhuriapali B.OBargarh768033
Chichinda B.OBargarh 768104
Chichinda B.OBargarh768033
Chikhili PSSK B.OBargarh768037
Dahigaon B.OBargarh768036
Dahita B.OBargarh768036
Dang B.OBargarh768038
Dangabahal B.OBargarh768037
Dekulba B.OBargarh768103
Deogaon B.OBargarh 768038
Deshbhatli B.OBargarh768102
Dhaba B.OBargarh768042
Dhanger B.OBargarh768040
Diptipur B.OBargarh768035
Dulampur B.OBargarh768111
Dungri B.OBargarh768052
Dunguri Lsq Colony Campus S.OBargarh 768052
Firingimal PSSK B.OBargarh 768037
Gaisama B.OBargarh 768040
Gaisilet S.OBargarh 768037
Ganiapali B.OBargarh 768049
Garbhona B.OBargarh 768033
Ghess S.OBargarh 768034
Godbhaga S.OBargarh 768111
Gondturum S.O Bargarh768115
Gopalpur B.OBargarh 768030
Gopeipali B.OBargarh 768029
Gourenmunda B.OBargarh 768037
Gourmal B.OBargarh 768042
Govindpur B.OBargarh 768033
Guderpali B.OBargarh 768035
Gudesira B.OBargarh 768038
Gunthiapali PSSK B.OBargarh 768032
Guthuguda B.OBargarh 768042
Halupali B.OBargarh 768038
Hatisar B.OBargarh 768030
Hirlipali B.OBargarh 768027
J. Sirgida B.OBargarh 768033
Jagalpat B.OBargarh768037
Jagdalpur B.OBargarh768036
Jamla S.OBargarh 768049
Jamseth B.OBargarh768050
Jamurda B.OBargarh768038
Jamutbahal B.OBargarh 768037
Janged B.OBargarh768027
Janhapada B.OBargarh768027
Jaring B.OBargarh 768032
Jatla B.OBargarh768033
Jhar B.OBargarh768034
Jharbandh S.OBargarh 768042
Jharpali B.OBargarh768103
Jharpali B.OBargarh768034
Jhikijhiki B.OBargarh 768030
Jhilminda B.OBargarh768103
Jhitiki B.OBargarh768050
Jokhipali B.OBargarh 768048
K. Katabahal B.OBargarh768036
Kadobahal B.OBargarh768102
Kainsir B.OBargarh 768029
Kalangapali B.OBargarh 768034
Kalapani B.OBargarh768040
Kamgaon B.OBargarh768038
Kanakbira B.OBargarh 768030
Kanbar PSSK B.OBargarh768028
Kandapala B.OBargarh768030
Kangaon B.OBargarh 768033
Kansada PSSK B.OBargarh768050
Kansingha B.OBargarh768036
Kantapali-barpali B.OBargarh 768029
Kapasira B.OBargarh768045
Karanda PSSK B.OBargarh76802
Karlasantara B.OBargarh768052
Kathaumal B.OBargarh768037
Kebad B.OBargarh 768029
Kechhdadar PSSK B.OBargarh 768039
Kermelabahal PSSK B.OBargarh 768039
Kesaipali B.OBargarh768030
Khaliapali B.OBargarh768036
Khandatha B.OBargarh 768040
Kharmunda B.OBargarh768032
Kharsal B.OBargarh768030
Khemsara PSSK B.OBargarh 768029
Khuntapali B.OBargarh768040
Kubedega B.OBargarh768104
Kuchipali B.OBargarh 768034
Kudapali B.OBargarh768104
Kultatukura B.OBargarh768102
Kulunda B.OBargarh768027
Kumbhari B.OBargarh 768029
Kumbho B.OBargarh768045
Kumelsingha B.OBargarh768111
Kumir PSSK B.OBargarh768042
Kundakhai B.OBargarh 768035
Kuruan B.OBargarh768103
Kusanpuri B.OBargarh768029
Lachida B.OBargarh 768027
Lahanda B.OBargarh768111
Lakhamara B.OBargarh768036
Lakhanpur B.OBargarh 768052
Larambha S.OBargarh768102
Larasara B.OBargarh768027
Lastala B.OBargarh 768027
Laudidhara B.OBargarh768042
Laumunda S.OBargarh768048
Lebidi B.OBargarh 768033
Lenda B.OBargarh768029
Lupursingha B.OBargarh768103
Madhupur B.OBargarh768033
Mahada B.OBargarh 768029
Mahule B.OBargarh768115
Mahulpali B.OBargarh768036
Mahulpali B.OBargarh 768029
Majhipali B.OBargarh768048
Manapada B.OBargarh768027
Mandosil S.OBargarh 768050
Manpur B.OBargarh768104
Melchhamunda S.OBargarh768035
Mithapali B.OBargarh768039
Mondiadhipa B.OBargarh 768039
Mulbar B.OBargarh768030
N. Jampali B.OBargarh768038
Negimunda B.OBargarh 768033
Nileswar B.OBargarh768029
Nilji B.OBargarh768030
Nuagarh B.OBargarh 768030
Pada B.OBargarh768032
Pahandi B.OBargarh768032
Paharsirgida B.OBargarh 768027
Paikmal S.OBargarh768039
Palsada B.OBargarh768039
Pandikipali B.OBargarh 768033
Panimura B.OBargarh768033
Papanga B.OBargarh768104
Patakulunda B.OBargarh 768029
Patharia B.OBargarh768032
Petupali B.OBargarh768034
Phalsapali B.OBargarh 768049
Purena B.OBargarh768036
Raisalpadar PSSK B.OBargarh768037
Rajborasamber S.OBargarh768036
Remta B.OBargarh768029
Remunda S.OBargarh 768103
Rengali B.OBargarh768033
Rengalipali Colony B.OBargarh768027
Resam B.OBargarh768104
Routpara B.OBargarh 768030
Ruchida B.OBargarh768045
Rusuda B.OBargarh768115
S. Dumberpali PSSK B.OBargarh768029
Saipali B.OBargarh768032
Sakuda B.OBargarh768030
Salepali B.OBargarh768035
Samalaipadar B.OBargarh768032
Sanimal B.OBargarh768034
Sankhirda B.OBargarh768103
Saplahar B.OBargarh768036
Saradhapali B.OBargarh768037
Saranda B.OBargarh768027
Sarandapali B.OBargarh768032
Sareikela B.OBargarh 768036
Sargibahal B.OBargarh768049
Sarkanda B.OBargarh768033
Sarsara B.OBargarh768040
Satlama B.OBargarh768029
Shakti B.OBargarh768042
Sialkhandata B.OBargarh768115
Silet B.OBargarh768111
Sirgida B.OBargarh 768032
Sohella S.OBargarh 768033
Sulsulia B.OBargarh 768030
Sunalarambha B.OBargarh 768104
Tabada B.OBargarh 768033
Talmenda B.OBargarh 768103
Talpadar B.OBargarh 768034
Talpali B.OBargarh 768036
Talsirgida B.OBargarh 768103
Tamdei B.OBargarh768052
Tampersara B.OBargarh768102
Tejgola B.OBargarh 768030
Temri B.OBargarh 768039
Tope B.OBargarh 768027
Tora S.OBargarh 768040
Tulandi B.OBargarh 768029
Tumgaon PSSK B.OBargarh 768028
Tungibandhali B.OBargarh 768033
Urduna B.OBargarh 768038
Uttam B.OBargarh 768052
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