List of Post Offices/ Pincodes Of Rayagada District, Odisha
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Post Office DistrictPincode
Adajori B.ORayagada765015
Agula B.ORayagada765020
Akhusingi B.ORayagada765025
Antamoda B.ORayagada765017
Asada B.ORayagada765026
B.Alubadi B.ORayagada 765017
B.Bandili B.ORayagada 765020
B.Gotiguda B.ORayagada 765019
B.Haluva B.ORayagada 765002
B.Khillapadar B.ORayagada 765017
Badaguda B.ORayagada 765017
Badapankal B.ORayagada 765026
Bagusala B.ORayagada 765033
Bankamba B.ORayagada 765016
Bankara B.ORayagada 765015
Bankili B.ORayagada 765029
Batalpur B.ORayagada 765019
Batiapada B.ORayagada 765019
Bellamguda B.ORayagada 765026
Bhairabguda B.ORayagada765020
Bhamini B.ORayagada765024
Bhimpur B.ORayagada765033
Bhoimada B.ORayagada765029
Bichikote B.ORayagada765024
Bijapur B.ORayagada765026
Bikrampur S.ORayagada764062
Bilamala B.ORayagada765015
Biripadar B.ORayagada765025
Bissamcuttack S.ORayagada765019
Budubali B.ORayagada765020
Buduni B.ORayagada765018
Buthingi B.ORayagada765023
Chalakamba B.ORayagada765033
Champi B.ORayagada765013
Chandgiri B.ORayagada765015
Chandragiri B.ORayagada765015
Chandrapur B.ORayagada765020
Chatikona B.ORayagada765019
Chinasari B.ORayagada765022
D.Panga B.ORayagada 765016
Dambasora S.ORayagada765033
Dangaladi B.ORayagada765017
Dangasorada B.ORayagada765020
Derigam B.ORayagada765024
Dhepaguda B.ORayagada765026
Dohikhal B.ORayagada765020
Dondili B.ORayagada765017
Dongasil B.ORayagada765015
Dukum B.ORayagada765019
Dumuriguda B.ORayagada765018
Dumurineli B.ORayagada765019
Durgi B.ORayagada765019
G.Gulumunda B.ORayagada765029
G.Laxmipur B.ORayagada765024
G.Padar B.ORayagada765034
G.Seshkhal B.ORayagada765017
Gajigaon B.ORayagada765002
Ghanatri B.ORayagada765033
Godiabandha B.ORayagada 765025
Godiakhal B.ORayagada765022
Godibali B.ORayagada765015
Gogupada B.ORayagada765029
Gorakhpur B.ORayagada765015
Gudari S.ORayagada765026
Guluguda B.ORayagada765025
Gulunthi B.ORayagada765029
Gunupur S.ORayagada765022
H.Donga B.ORayagada765019
Halva B.ORayagada765002
Hanumanthpur B.ORayagada765020
Hatamuniguda B.ORayagada765020
Hatikhamba B.ORayagada765029
Ichhapur B.ORayagada765021
Indupur B.ORayagada765025
J.D.Pentho B.ORayagada765002
J.K.Pur Bazar S.ORayagada765017
J.K.Pur S.ORayagada765017
Jaganathpur B.ORayagada 765016
Jaganathpur S.ORayagada 765034
Jagdalpur B.ORayagada 765020
Jaltar B.ORayagada 765022
Jarapa B.ORayagada765020
Jathili B.ORayagada765025
Jhigidi B.ORayagada765019
Jilunda B.ORayagada765017
K.Dhamuni B.ORayagada765019
K.Golmi B.ORayagada765019
K.Gumma B.ORayagada765002
K.Kota B.ORayagada765029
K.Singhpur S.ORayagada765016
Kachapai B.ORayagada765019
Kampara B.ORayagada765015
Kankubadi B.ORayagada765019
Karini B.ORayagada765025
Karlaghati B.ORayagada765026
Karubai B.ORayagada765017
Kashipur (Rayagada) S.ORayagada 765015
Katiki B.ORayagada 765029
Kerada B.ORayagada 765002
Khabariguda B.ORayagada 765025
Khaira B.ORayagada 765033
Khariguda B.ORayagada 765026
Kharlingi B.ORayagada 765022
Khilapadar B.ORayagada 765025
Khillingrai B.ORayagada 765025
Kinalodi B.ORayagada 765026
Kinarimada B.ORayagada 765029
Kodama B.ORayagada 765026
Kodipari B.ORayagada 765015
Kolnara B.ORayagada 765017
Komtalpeta B.ORayagada 765017
Konabai B.ORayagada 765019
Kondajam B.ORayagada 765029
Korapa B.ORayagada765016
Kothapeta B.ORayagada765017
Kuchipadar B.ORayagada765015
Kujendri S.ORayagada765023
Kulusingi B.ORayagada765022
Kumbhikota B.ORayagada765002
Kumudabali B.ORayagada765020
Kurli B.ORayagada765019
Kutraguda B.ORayagada765020
Kutuli B.ORayagada765002
Laba B.ORayagada765033
Laxmipur B.ORayagada765020
Limapadar B.ORayagada765024
M.Khillingrai B.ORayagada765026
M.Patraguda B.ORayagada765020
Madhuban B.ORayagada765026
Maikanch B.ORayagada765015
Majhiguda B.ORayagada764059
Mandibisi B.ORayagada765015
Mansugaon B.ORayagada765015
Marathiguda S.ORayagada765022
Marma B.ORayagada765034
Mirabali B.ORayagada 765017
Mundakota B.ORayagada 765019
Muniguda S.ORayagada 765020
Murtuli B.ORayagada 765019
Naira B.ORayagada 765024
Naktiguda B.ORayagada 765015
Narayanpur B.ORayagada 765016
Neelamguda B.ORayagada 765023
Nuaguda B.ORayagada 765025
Omadingi B.ORayagada 765023
P.Dokuluguda B.ORayagada 765019
Padmapur S.ORayagada 765025
Paikapada B.ORayagada 765018
Panasaguda B.ORayagada 765023
Panchali B.ORayagada 765015
Panichatra B.ORayagada 765029
Patraguda B.ORayagada 765019
Penakham B.ORayagada765023
Pendili B.ORayagada765026
Penta B.ORayagada 765017
Penta B.ORayagada765019
Perupanga B.ORayagada765025
Pipalguda B.ORayagada765017
Piskapanga B.ORayagada765019
Pitamahal B.ORayagada765002
Podapari B.ORayagada765015
Polama B.ORayagada765016
Pujariguda B.ORayagada765016
Puttasingi B.ORayagada765022
R K Nagar Rayagada S.ORayagada765001
Raghubari B.ORayagada765021
Ramanaguda S.ORayagada765029
Rayagada Bazar S.ORayagada765001
Rayagada Gandhinagar S.ORayagada765001
Rayagada R.S S.ORayagada765001
Rayagada S.F. S.ORayagada765002
Rayagada(K) H.ORayagada765001
Regada B.ORayagada765022
Rekhapadar B.ORayagada765029
Renga B.ORayagada 765015
S.Dhamini B.ORayagada 765029
S.S.Khal B.ORayagada 765002
Sagada B.ORayagada 765022
Sahada B.ORayagada 765019
Sanahuma B.ORayagada 765026
Sankarada B.ORayagada 765015
Serjholi B.ORayagada 764062
Sikarpai B.ORayagada 765017
Singari B.ORayagada 765016
Siriguda B.ORayagada 765026
Sirigumma B.ORayagada 765017
Siripai B.ORayagada 765015
Sulava B.ORayagada 765002
Sunakhandi B.ORayagada 765016
Sunger B.ORayagada 765015
Suri B.ORayagada 765017
T.Padar B.ORayagada 765020
Tabalaguda B.ORayagada765025
Taribili B.ORayagada765022
Tembaguda B.ORayagada765025
Therubali S.ORayagada765018
Tiitmari B.ORayagada765033
Tikiri B.ORayagada765015
Todama B.ORayagada765002
Tolana B.ORayagada765022
Turaighati B.ORayagada765015
Ukkamba S.ORayagada765024
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