List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Puri District, Odisha
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Post Office DistrictPincode
Abhayamukhi Ramachandrapur B.OPuri752016
Alagum B.OPuri752014
Alasahi B.OPuri 752109
Alasana B.OPuri752012
Alibada B.OPuri752017
Alichar B.OPuri 752110
Arakhakuda B.OPuri752011
Arisala B.OPuri752016
Arisandha B.OPuri 752106
Astaranga S.OPuri752109
B S Nagar S.OPuri752002
Badagaon B.OPuri 752002
Badagualipada B.OPuri752016
Badalasasan B.OPuri752106
Badaninigaon B.OPuri 752121
Badas B.OPuri752017
Badjhada B.OPuri752030
Baharana B.OPuri 752120
Bajrakote B.OPuri752030
Bakugram B.OPuri752105
Balanga S.OPuri 752105
Balapur B.OPuri752046
Balaramapurgarh B.OPuri752045
Balidokan B.OPuri752111
Baliguali B.OPuri 752002
Balipada B.OPuri752014
Baliput B.OPuri752045
Balisahi S.OPuri 752001
Bamanal S.OPuri752121
Bangurigaon S.OPuri752118
Baniasahi B.OPuri 752002
Bantalasingh B.OPuri752104
Bantaligram B.OPuri752002
Bantugram B.OPuri 752106
Baralabalunkeswar B.OPuri752046
Basantapur B.OPuri752017
Baselisahi S.OPuri 752001
Basudevpur S.O (Puri)Puri752013
Baulanga B.OPuri752107
Bentapur B.OPuri 752011
Berboi S.OPuri752016
Berhampur B.OPuri752011
Bhagabanpur B.OPuri 752011
Bhanapur B.OPuri752114
Bhandarikuda B.OPuri752011
Bhandisahi B.OPuri 752108
Bharipur B.OPuri752110
Bhimpur B.OPuri752016
Bhodar B.OPuri 752113
Bhogasalada B.OPuri752106
Bhubanapur B.OPuri752011
Bhubanipur S.OPuri 752106
Bijayaramachandrapur B.OPuri 752012
Bilaspur B.OPuri752016
Binayakpur B.OPuri752104
Bindha B.OPuri 752104
Birabalabhadrapur B.OPuri752012
Biragobindapur B.OPuri752014
Biraharekrushnapur B.OPuri752002
Biranarasinghpur B.OPuri752012
Birapratappur B.OPuri752012
Birapurusottampur B.OPuri 752046
Biraramachandrapur B.OPuri 752014
Birtung S.OPuri752116
Bishnupur B.OPuri752106
Biswalpada B.OPuri 752114
Biswanathpur B.OPuri752014
Brahmagiri S.OPuri752011
Brahmakundi S.OPuri 752113
Brahmanapada B.OPuri752014
Brahmania B.OPuri752011
Chandanpur S.OPuri 752012
Chanrapada B.OPuri752106
Chapamanika B.OPuri752011
Charishree B.OPuri 752045
Chhaitana B.OPuri752002
Chhannijanga B.OPuri752113
Chhatabar B.OPuri 752011
Chilikanuapada B.OPuri752011
Chitreswari B.OPuri752111
D. A. G. S.OPuri 752002
Dahan B.OPuri752014
Dakhinradas B.OPuri752114
Danagohiri B.OPuri 752104
Dandamukundapur Gds B.OPuri 752104
Dandipur B.OPuri752105
Delang S.OPuri752015
Derunia B.OPuri 752119
Desthali B.OPuri752107
Deypursasan B.OPuri752046
Dhaleswar B.OPuri 752114
Dhanitri B.OPuri752111
Dighalo B.OPuri752106
Dimirisena B.OPuri 752011
Dipideuli B.OPuri752105
Dolabedi Chhaka S.OPuri752106
Dovar B.OPuri752121
Dubaipur B.OPuri 752045
Erbang B.OPuri752116
Gabakunda S.OPuri752045
Gadisagoda B.OPuri 752017
Gambharipada B.OPuri 752108
Ganeswarpur B.OPuri 752110
Ganganarayanpur B.OPuri 752012
Garharmala B.OPuri 752116
Garhbadaput B.OPuri 752017
Garhbalabhadrapur B.OPuri 752017
Garhbhingura B.OPuri 752002
Garhchandrapur B.OPuri 752105
Garhkokala B.OPuri752011
Garhmatiapada B.OPuri 752017
Garhmrugasira B.OPuri 752012
Garhrodanga B.OPuri 752011
Garhrupas B.OPuri752110
Garhsahi B.OPuri752017
Ghanapana B.OPuri752013
Ghoradia B.OPuri752015
Gop S.OPuri 752110
Gopinathpur B.OPuri 752011
Gopinathpur B.OPuri 752002
Gorual B.OPuri 752002
Govindpur B.OPuri752104
Gualigorada B.OPuri 752045
Hakapada B.OPuri 752016
Hantuka B.OPuri 752013
Haripur B.OPuri 752104
Indipurdeuli B.OPuri 752016
Jagannath Ballav S.OPuri 752001
Jagannathpur B.OPuri 752017
Jaleswarpada B.OPuri 752118
Jenapur B.OPuri752016
Jharling B.OPuri752109
Jopan B.OPuri752105
Jorakani B.OPuri752015
Junei B.OPuri752111
Kahal B.OPuri752108
Kairi B.OPuri752104
Kakatpur S.OPuri752108
Kalapadar B.OPuri752017
Kalikadevisahi S.OPuri752001
Kalyanpur B.OPuri752015
Kamakantia B.OPuri752105
Kanas S.OPuri752017
Kandagoda B.OPuri752011
Kanheibidyadharpur B.OPuri752012
Kanti B.OPuri752104
Kapileswarpur B.OPuri752013
Karamanga B.OPuri752111
Kerandipur B.OPuri 752013
Khadipada B.OPuri752002
Khadiso B.OPuri752110
Khajuria B.OPuri752011
Khalkatapatna B.OPuri752111
Khandahata B.OPuri752017
Khandasahi B.OPuri752119
Khellore B.OPuri752016
Konark S.OPuri752111
Kotanga B.OPuri752118
Kothasahi B.OPuri752046
Krushnanagarpatna B.OPuri752108
Kumarpada B.OPuri752105
Kundhebentasahi S.OPuri752001
Kundheihat B.OPuri752118
Kurujanga B.OPuri752111
Kusubenti B.OPuri752011
Kusumbar B.OPuri752109
Kusupur B.OPuri752110
Labanikhiachhak S.OPuri752001
Lalitapahandi B.OPuri752045
Lataharan S.OPuri752119
Mahadevbasta B.OPuri752107
Mahalpada B.OPuri752116
Mahapur B.OPuri752002
Mahodadhi B.OPuri752002
Mahura B.OPuri752045
Makundadaspur B.OPuri752104
Malagaon B.OPuri752110
Malud B.OPuri752030
Manapada B.OPuri752011
Mangalpur B.OPuri 752104
Manijanga B.OPuri752114
Manikarnika S.OPuri752001
Markandeswar Sahi B.OPuri 752002
Matiapada B.OPuri752111
Motari B.OPuri752015
Mula Alasa B.OPuri752014
Muninda B.OPuri 752015
Nagapur B.OPuri752110
Nagar B.OPuri752109
Nahantara B.OPuri752106
Nalibasanta B.OPuri752016
Namaro B.OPuri752109
Nandigoda B.OPuri752017
Narua B.OPuri752110
Nayahat S.OPuri752107
Nimapara S.OPuri752106
Nua Someswarpur B.OPuri752014
Nuagaonbadabhuin B.OPuri752011
Nuagarh B.OPuri752109
Nuagopalpur B.OPuri752105
Nuasantha B.OPuri752105
Nuasasan B.OPuri752104
Ohala B.OPuri752121
Ola B.OPuri752014
Olikana B.OPuri 752114
Othaka B.OPuri752108
Palank B.OPuri752011
Palasahi B.OPuri752114
Palli B.OPuri752011
Panaspada B.OPuri752011
Parakena B.OPuri752045
Parikud Gdsso B.OPuri752011
Patalda B.OPuri752109
Patapur B.OPuri752108
Patasundarpur B.OPuri752108
Pattanaikia B.OPuri752046
Pipili S.OPuri752104
Police Line S.O (Puri)Puri752002
Praharajpur B.OPuri752016
Pratappurusottampur B.OPuri 752012
Puri H.OPuri752001
Puri Seabeach S.OPuri752001
Puri Station Road S.OPuri752002
Rahadamalla B.OPuri752013
Rahangorada B.OPuri752121
Raichakradharpur B.OPuri752014
Rainsol B.OPuri752104
Rajas B.OPuri752114
Ramlenka B.OPuri752030
Rasulpur B.OPuri752119
Ratilo B.OPuri752114
Rebena Nuagaon B.OPuri752011
Rench S.OPuri752114
Renghalo B.OPuri752114
Risol B.OPuri752119
Rua B.OPuri752012
Rupadeipur B.OPuri752105
S C S College S.OPuri752001
Sadangoi B.OPuri 752015
Sagada B.OPuri752114
Sahadapada B.OPuri 752105
Sakhigopal S.OPuri 752014
Salanga B.OPuri 752106
Sandarahat B.OPuri 752014
Sangaleisasan B.OPuri 752104
Santidham B.OPuri 752017
Sarada B.OPuri 752111
Sarangajodi B.OPuri 752014
Saraswatipur B.OPuri 752105
Sasana Damodarpur B.OPuri 752002
Satapada B.OPuri 752011
Satasankha S.OPuri 752046
Sial B.OPuri 752030
Siaro B.OPuri 752121
Singhadwar S.OPuri 752001
Singhbrahmapur B.OPuri 752015
Sirei B.OPuri 752017
Sirpurusottampur B.OPuri 752016
Siruli B.O Puri752012
Siso B.OPuri 752110
Sisua B.OPuri 752109
Siula B.OPuri752104
Sompur B.OPuri 752104
Sorava B.OPuri 752107
Sriramachandrapur B.OPuri 752014
Srivihar S.OPuri 752003
Suhagpur B.OPuri 752107
Sukal B.OPuri 752014
Sunugoradi B.OPuri 752114
Swargadwar S.OPuri 752001
Tadasaramahansapur B.OPuri 752012
Talajanga B.OPuri 752002
Tampalo B.OPuri 752110
Taradapada B.OPuri 752106
Teisipur B.OPuri 752046
Tentuligaon B.OPuri 752113
Terundia B.OPuri752106
Tipuri B.OPuri752017
Titip B.OPuri 752030
Trilochanpur B.OPuri752015
Tulasipur B.OPuri752113
Uchhupur B.OPuri752105
Udaypur B.OPuri752109
Villigram B.OPuri752106
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