List of Post Offices/ Pincodes Of Gajapati District, Odisha
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Post Office DistrictPincode
Adhagam B.O Gajapati761215
Agarkhandi B.O Gajapati761211
Ajayagada B.O Gajapati761207
Anguru B.O Gajapati761016
Ariba B.O Gajapati761211
Ashrayagada B.O Gajapati761207
Attarsingi B.O Gajapati761016
B.Sitapur B.O Gajapati761201
Badakhani B.O Gajapati761015
Badakolkote B.O Gajapati761207
Badapada B.O Gajapati761214
Badasindhiba B.O Gajapati761017
Badigam B.O Gajapati761206
Bagusola B.O Gajapati761211
Baijhola B.O Gajapati761206
Bapenbadi B.O Gajapati761208
Batisiripur B.O Gajapati761211
Betarsingi B.O Gajapati761016
Bhupati Laxmipur B.O Gajapati761206
Bhuskudi B.O Gajapati761210
Birikote B.O Gajapati761217
Birujango B.O Gajapati761213
Bomika B.O Gajapati761211
Chandiput B.O Gajapati761017
Chandragiri S.O Gajapati761017
Chellagada B.O Gajapati761016
Chelligada B.O Gajapati761017
Chitrakar Street S.O Gajapati761200
Damadua B.O Gajapati761217
Dambala B.O Gajapati761212
Darba B.O Gajapati761017
Devadala B.O Gajapati761208
Dhadhiambo B.O Gajapati761017
Engarsingi B.O Gajapati761212
Gaiba B.O Gajapati761208
Gangabad B.O Gajapati761212
Garabandha S.O Gajapati761215
Gayaljuba B.O Gajapati761212
Gondahati B.O Gajapati761215
Goppilli Rampa B.O Gajapati761215
Goribandha B.O Gajapati761206
Gosani B.O Gajapati761210
Gulli B.O Gajapati761214
Guluba B.O Gajapati61217
Gumma S.O (Gajapati) Gajapati761207
Gurandi S.O Gajapati761210
Hadubhangi B.O Gajapati761208
Hospital Road S.O (Gajapati) Gajapati761200
Jallango B.O Gajapati761213
Jammi B.O Gajapati761201
Jangalpadu B.O Gajapati761210
Jangam Street S.O Gajapati761201
Jeeba B.O Gajapati761201
Jeerango B.O Gajapati761212
Jeerango Colony B.O Gajapati761017
Jhalarasingi B.O Gajapati761214
Jogipadu B.O Gajapati761201
K.Sitapur B.O Gajapati761208
Kakasingi B.O Gajapati761016
Karadasingi B.O Gajapati761213
Karasandha B.O Gajapati761211
Karchabadi B.O Gajapati761217
Kashinagar S.O (Gajapati) Gajapati761206
Keradango B.O Gajapati761214
Kerandi B.O Gajapati761201
Khajuripada B.O Gajapati761214
Khandava B.O Gajapati761206
Kharada S.O Gajapati761208
Kinchilingi B.O Gajapati761215
Kinigam B.O Gajapati761018
Kinigam B.O Gajapati761206
Kitingi B.O Gajapati761206
Koinpur B.O Gajapati761212
Kolia B.O Gajapati761206
Krishnachandrapur B.O Gajapati761207
Kujasingi B.O Gajapati761213
Kumulusingi B.O Gajapati761213
Kuruguba B.O Gajapati761212
Labanyagada B.O Gajapati761215
Laduru B.O Gajapati761015
Lalusahi B.O Gajapati761212
Laxmipur B.O Gajapati761212
Liligada B.O Gajapati761015
Loba B.O Gajapati761016
Luhagudi B.O Gajapati761015
Madhusudanpur B.O Gajapati761211
Mahendragada B.O Gajapati761017
Malasapadar B.O Gajapati761015
Mandimera B.O Gajapati761217
Mangarajpur B.O Gajapati761016
Marlaba B.O Gajapati761213
Mochamera B.O Gajapati761211
Mohana S.O Gajapati761015
Mudumudia B.O Gajapati761015
Munisingi B.O Gajapati761207
Nalaghat B.O Gajapati761217
Namagari B.O Gajapati761211
Narayanapur S.O (Gajapati) Gajapati761212
Nuagada S.O Gajapati761214
Odava S.O Gajapati761217
Panigonda B.O Gajapati761217
Paralakhemundi Bus Stand S.O Gajapati761200
Parida B.O Gajapati761208
Parimal B.O Gajapati761016
Parisola B.O Gajapati761213
Parisola B.O Gajapati761016
Parlakhemundi H.O Gajapati761200
Patiguda B.O Gajapati761014
Patikota B.O Gajapati761211
Pedakotturu B.O Gajapati761215
Pindkii B.O Gajapati761015
Pothara B.O Gajapati761212
Puturupada B.O Gajapati761016
R Sitapur B.O Gajapati761211
R.Udayagiri S.O Gajapati761016
Ramagiri B.O Gajapati761016
Ranadevi B.O Gajapati761211
Ranalai B.O Gajapati761017
Randiba B.O Gajapati761016
Ranipeta B.O Gajapati761201
Rasibad B.O Gajapati761212
Rayagada S.O Gajapati761213
Sabara B.O Gajapati761215
Sabarapalli B.O Gajapati761016
Sailada B.O Gajapati761211
Sambalapur (GM) B.O Gajapati761016
Sansada B.O Gajapati761212
Saradapur B.O Gajapati761210
Seranga B.O Gajapati761207
Siali B.O Gajapati761206
Sialilati B.O Gajapati761017
Sidhamadango B.O Gajapati761201
Sindhiba B.O Gajapati761207
Singipur B.O Gajapati761014
Singipur B.O Gajapati761215
Sinkulipadar B.O Gajapati761015
Station Road Paralakhemundi S.O Gajapati761201
Suluba B.O Gajapati761017
T.Govindapur B.O Gajapati761015
Tabarada B.O Gajapati761214
Tabarasingi B.O Gajapati761016
Talamunda B.O Gajapati761212
Tampakaviti B.O Gajapati761211
Tarangada B.O Gajapati761201
Tatipati B.O Gajapati761210
Tumula B.O Gajapati761207
Uppalada S.O Gajapati761211
Valada B.O Gajapati761206
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