Odisha (Orissa) Bus Departure and Arriva Timings / Timetable / Schedule (Long Route / City)
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Unit-Wise Route-Wise Distance And Time Table - Source : OSRTC
Name Of The Route Type Of Service Distance Departure Time
Umerkote Via Gumuda Hi-Tech 448 5.00pm
Rayagada Via Gumuda Marcopolo (Exp) 210 6.30am
Rayagada Via A.P. Express 315 6.30am
Jeypore (H.T.) (G) (Now Via A.P.) Hi-Tech 375 8.00pm
Balimela/Chitrakonda Express 479 3.00pm
Bhawanipatna Hi-Tech 289 7.30pm
Jeypore (A.P.) (Exp) Express 375 7.00pm
Umerkote Via Aska Express 486 3.00pm
Bandhbahal Express 421 1.45pm
Jeypore (H.T.) Via A.P. Hi-Tech 375 9.00pm
Nawarangpur (H.T.) Via Pkd Hi-Tech 414 5.00pm
Nawarangpur (Day) Via A.P. Express 414 5.00am
Nawarangpur(Ac Dlx) Via A.P. A/C Delux 417 9.45pm
Sunabeda Express 398 3.00pm
Asansol Hi-Comf 757 11.30am
Indravati Hi-Comf 502 1.30pm
Malkangiri Via A.P. Hi-Comf 559 2.30pm
Boudh Lynix (Exp) 155 2.30pm
Cuttack Hi-Comf 202 5.30am
Malkangiri Via A.P. Hi-Tech 559 3.00pm
Chitrkonda Hi-Comf 575 11.30am
Kantamal Ordinary 292 8.30pm
Mottu (H.T.) Hi-Tech 682 1.00pm
Machkund/Jeypore (H.T.) Hi-Tech 515 5.00pm
Kiriburu Hi-Comf 336 6.00am
Umerkote(H.T.)/Jharigaon Hi-Tech 596 2.00pm
Paralakhemundi(I.S. Ht) Hi-Tech 305 8.45pm
Kolkata I.S. (Ac Slpr) A/C Sleeper 450 7.00pm
Lanjigada Hi-Tech 403 4.30pm
Malkangiri/Jeypore I.S. (Ac Dlx) A/C Delux 643 5.15pm
Banei (H.T.) Hi-Tech 355 6.00pm
Jharsuguda Hi-Tech 379 4.30pm
Sinapali Hi-Comf 493 6.00pm
Jamboo Ordinary 130 3.45pm
Iswarpur Via Pattamundai Ordinary 157 12.30pm
Deolatara Marcopolo (Exp) 169 6.00am
Manikpur Marcopolo (Exp) 119 3.45pm
Madhusudanpur Marcopolo (Exp) 146 3.15pm
Akhandalmani Marcopolo (Exp) 155 1.30pm
Giria Marcopolo (Exp) 146 12.30pm
Nawarangpur (H.T.) Hi-Tech 586 12.00noon
Balimela Via A.P. Hi-Tech 670 2.00pm
Lanjigarh Hi-Comf 441 4.00pm
Gunupur (I.S.) (Ht) Hi-Tech 388 8.00pm
Nawarangpur (A/C Dlx) A.P. A/C Delux 612 5.00pm
Berhampur-I (H.T.) Hi-Tech 202 6.30am
Berhampur-Iii (Dlx) Delux 202 10.00pm
Bolangir (H.T.) Hi-Tech 356 8.00pm
Rayagada (H.T.) Hi-Tech 413 6.00pm
Raighar/Umarkote Hi-Tech 637 1.00pm
Mukhiguda (H.T.) Hi-Tech 545 7.00pm
Bhubaneswar Ordinary 39 8.00am
Narasinghpur Express 123 2.45pm
Singhpur Ordinary 126 3.00pm
Kolkata Hi-Comf 497 1.30pm
Govindpur/Ketuapal Lynix (Ord) 133 1.45pm
Meghajholi Marcopolo(Ord) 250 11.00am
Kantabana -Bhubaneswar Marcopolo(Ord) 137 5.05pm
Amrutabani Marcopolo(Ord) 115 12.30pm
Madhusudanpur Marcopolo(Ord) 141 3.20pm
Satapada Marcopolo (Exp) 138 3.15pm
Dehudi-Anandapur Marcopolo(Ord) 114 12.30pm
Damanjodi (Upto Jeypore) A/C Delux 499 1.30pm
Tikarpada Ordinary 58 3.30pm
Deogarh Marcopolo(Ord) 123 12.30pm
Tata Hi-Comf 362 5.30pm
Damanjodi Via A.P. Hi-Tech 668 2.00pm
Deogarh-Cuttack Marcopolo (Exp) 243 5.45pm
Phulbani Marcopolo (Exp) 186 2.55pm
Kantamal-Bbsr Via Kiakata Hi-Comf 354 12.15pm
Kothabhuin Marcopolo (Exp) 52 5.15pm
Kamaladihi Marcopolo (Exp) 88 6.30am
Paralakhemundi/Berhampur Hi-Comf 362 4.30pm
Bolangir (H.T.) Hi-Tech 352 9.30pm
Barbil-Kolkata Hi-Comf 445 7.30pm
Cuttack-I Hi-Comf 198 5.30am
Cuttack-Iii (H.T.) Hi-Tech 198 10.30pm
Bhubaneswar Marcopolo (Exp) 227 9.30pm
Bhanjanagar (H.T.) Hi-Tech 400 1.50pm
Ranchi Hi-Comf 312 9.00am
Tata Hi-Comf 199 4.30am
Berhampur-I Express 416 3.30pm
Berhampur-Ii (H.T.) Hi-Tech 416 4.30pm
Nawarangapur Express 311 5.30pm
Sunabeda (H.T.) Hi-Tech 396 4.00pm
Dewanpalli Ordinary 148 -
Sundargarh/Jsg-Dharmagarh Express 371 3.30pm
Sambalpur -I Ordinary 52 6.30am
Sambalpur-Iii Ordinary 52 7.30am
Cuttack Via Binika Express 390 3.30pm
Sambalpur Marcopolo (Exp) 52 2.15pm
Damanjodi (H.T.) Hi-Tech 333 6.30pm
Bhawanipatna Express 109 7.30am
Berhampur-I (H.T.) Hi-Tech 334 6.15pm
Damanjodi (Day) Express 333 5.45am
Khariar Lynix (Exp) 152 5.00am
Titilagarh/Berhampur Hi-Comf 401 5.15am
Phulbani Lynix (Exp) 169 4.45am
Khariar Ordinary 251 8.00am
Jharsuguda-Berhampur (H.T.) Hi-Tech 386 4.00pm
Sunabeda (H.T.) Hi-Tech 448 5.00pm
Cuttack -I (H.T.) Hi-Tech 282 1.30pm
Jeypore-I Express 407 6.00am
Burla-Berhampur (H.T.) Hi-Tech 367 3.00pm
Hirakud-Berhampur Express 367 3.00pm
Mukhiguda (H.T.) Hi-Tech 332 8.00pm
Athamalik/Binikei Marcopolo(Ord) 147 2.00pm
Sambalpur-I Ordinary 131 5.00am
Amodi Ordinary 111 11.45am
Kh. Road-Bhubaneswar (H.T.) Hi-Tech 520 6.00am/5.45pm
Berhampur - I Express 415 4.00pm
Cuttack Hi-Comf 437 2.00pm
Bhawanipatna Express 190 12.30pm
Nrusinghnath-Puri Hi-Tech 501 6.30pm
Jeypore(H.T.) Hi-Tech 597 2.30pm
Aska Via Kiakata Express 489 3.15pm
Chandbali Express 440 6.00pm
Nayagarh Express 418 8.00pm
Panpentha/Aul Hi-Comf 439 7.00pm
Barbil Marcopolo (Exp) 306 8.35am
Dhamara Hi-Tech 422 6.30pm
Umerkote-I Express 281 11.00am
Vzm-Nowrangpur (Konark) Express 216 12.00pm
Malkangiri (H.T.) (Night) Hi-Tech 277 10.15pm
Vsp-Nowrangpur-I/Raighar Express 364 7.30pm
Vsp-Nowrangpur-Ii (Indravati) Hi-Tech 270 1.30pm
Vsp-Umerkote Hi-Tech 335 9.30pm
Vsp-Jeypore-I Hi-Tech 227 3.00pm
Vsp-Jeypore-Ii (H.T.) Hi-Tech 227 10.00pm
Vsp-Jagdalpur (H.T.) Hi-Tech 312 10.30pm
Vsp-Jagdalpur (A/C) Dlx A/C Delux 312 10.30pm
Vsp-M.V.79 Hi-Tech 394 8.30pm
Jeypore-Jagdalpur Ordinary 85 8.30pm
Vzm-Jeypore Hi-Tech 173 2.00pm
Vsp-Bailadila (I.S.) (Ac Slpr) A/C Sleeper 447 9.30pm
Vsp-Chitrakonda Hi-Tech 364 11.00pm
Vsp-Gunupur Express 223 3.00pm
Nawarangpur-Vijayawada Hi-Tech 640 4.00pm
Berhampur (A.P.) Hi-Comf 375 6.00am
Cuttack Hi-Tech 544 1.00pm
Jagadalpur-Vizag-I. Hi-Comf 312 8.30am
Jagadalpur-Vizag-Ii Hi-Comf 312 1.30pm
Paralakhemundi (Night) Hi-Tech 270 6.00pm
Viziyanagaram Hi-Tech 173 10.00am
Bhawanipatna-I Express 164 5.30am
Bhawanipatna-Ii Express 164 8.30am
Kotpad/Jeypore-Vsp. Hi-Tech 227 9.30pm
Bhadrachalam Express 312 5.00pm
Phulbani Hi-Tech 374 5.00pm
Nayagarh Express 512 2.00pm
Rajmundry Via Vskp Hi-Tech 438 9.45pm
Kotagaon Express 106 1.00pm
Singhpur (Ac Dlx) A/C Delux 681 4.00pm
Rajmundry Via Balimela Hi-Tech 395 5.00am
Bhubaneswar Express 436 3.00pm
Cuttack (H.T.) Hi-Tech 449 6.00pm
Visakhapatnam-I Hi-Tech 391 4.30pm
Visakhapatnam-Ii Hi-Tech 385 3.00pm
Kalampur Ordinary 58 2.00pm
Berhampur Hi-Tech 327 8.00pm
Visakhapatnam Via Mukhiguda Express 441 3.00pm
Baramba Hi-Comf 435 4.00pm
Chitrkonda Hi-Comf 302 8.00pm
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