List of Post Offices/ Pincodes Of Jajapur District, Odisha
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Post Office DistrictPincode
Abdalpur B.O Jajapur755016
Abhimanyu Balia B.O Jajapur755005
Achyut Basant B.O Jajapur754205
Adampur B.O Jajapur755009
Ahiyas S.O Jajapur755036
Alakundanuagaon B.O Jajapur755013
Andhari B.O Jajapur755019
Angalo B.O Jajapur755004
Angalo Madhusudanpur B.O Jajapur755004
Anikana B.O Jajapur755010
Ankula S.O Jajapur755001
Antia B.O Jajapur755023
Arabal B.O Jajapur755005
Arakhpur B.O Jajapur754024
Aranga Purusottampur B.O Jajapur755007
Ardaulia B.O Jajapur755036
Arei S.O Jajapur755027
Areikana B.O Jajapur755008
Arjunpur Brahmachari Patna B.O Jajapur755036
Aruha B.O Jajapur755024
Aswasthapal B.O Jajapur755019
Atta B.O Jajapur755018
Aunri B.O Jajapur755013
Bachhalo B.O Jajapur755012
Bada Damodarpur B.O Jajapur755016
Badabanta B.O Jajapur755009
Badabiruan B.O Jajapur755015
Badachana B.O Jajapur754296
Bahdalpur B.O Jajapur755009
Baidyarajpur B.O Jajapur755007
Bainsiria B.O Jajapur755017
Bajapura B.O Jajapur754023
Balamukulihat B.O Jajapur755012
Balarampur Talagada B.O Jajapur755023
Balibili B.O Jajapur755003
Balichandrapur S.O Jajapur754205
Bamdevpur B.O Jajapur755014
Banamalipur B.O Jajapur755008
Bandalo B.O Jajapur754023
Bandhadihi B.O Jajapur755005
Bandhamunda B.O Jajapur755007
Bangorekota B.O Jajapur758025
Bangra B.O Jajapur755016
Baniapal B.O Jajapur755027
Bankamuhani B.O Jajapur755007
Banshipur B.O Jajapur755012
Bantala B.O Jajapur754024
Barabati B.O Jajapur755008
Barada Cuttack B.O Jajapur754205
Baragadia B.O Jajapur755026
Barapada B.O Jajapur755004
Bari Cuttack S.O Jajapur755003
Bari Kalamatia B.O Jajapur755003
Barikul B.O Jajapur755014
Barithengarh B.O Jajapur754024
Barundai S.O Jajapur755025
Barunia B.O Jajapur754082
Batijoda B.O Jajapur755023
Benipur B.O Jajapur754292
Beruda B.O Jajapur755043
Bhubaneswarpur B.O Jajapur755043
Bhuinpur B.O Jajapur755043
Bhurunga B.O Jajapur755017
Bidyadharpur B.O Jajapur754024
Binjharpur S.O Jajapur755004
Biripatta B.O Jajapur755013
Bodua B.O Jajapur755027
Brahamanigaon B.O Jajapur755027
Brahmabarada S.O Jajapur755005
Byree S.O Jajapur754082
Chandia B.O Jajapur754292
Chandikhol S.O Jajapur755044
Chandital B.O Jajapur754024
Charinangal S.O Jajapur754292
Chasakhanda B.O Jajapur755013
Chhatia S.O Jajapur754023
Chhatisdebil B.O Jajapur755017
Chhatrapara B.O Jajapur755013
Chingudipal B.O Jajapur755028
Chitalo B.O Jajapur755007
Chitri Gobardhanpur B.O Jajapur755019
Dala B.O Jajapur755019
Damodarpur B.O Jajapur755018
Dangadi S.O Jajapur755026
Dankarisahi B.O Jajapur755019
Darpanigarh B.O Jajapur755044
Dasarathpur S.O Jajapur755006
Debidwar S.O Jajapur755007
Dehurianandapur B.O Jajapur755006
Deoda B.O Jajapur755005
Derakundi B.O Jajapur755009
Deulatara B.O Jajapur755016
Dhaneswar B.O Jajapur755022
Dhanipur B.O Jajapur755011
Dhanmandal S.O Jajapur754024
Dharmasala S.O Jajapur755008
Dharpur B.O Jajapur755003
Dolagram Damodarpur B.O Jajapur755013
Dolipur S.O Jajapur755019
Dubakana B.O Jajapur755011
Duburi B.O Jajapur755026
Dulakhapatna B.O Jajapur755025
Endal B.O Jajapur755023
Erabanka B.O Jajapur755017
Fatehpur B.O Jajapur755012
Ferro Chrome Project S.O Jajapur755020
Garhmadhupur B.O Jajapur755023
Gobardhanpur B.O Jajapur755019
Gobarghati B.O Jajapur755026
Gobindapursidhagiri B.O Jajapur754023
Golkunda B.O Jajapur755005
Gopabandhunagar B.O Jajapur755036
Gopalpur Taranda B.O Jajapur755025
Guhali B.O Jajapur755027
Haladidiha B.O Jajapur755016
Haridaspur S.O Jajapur755024
Haripur B.O Jajapur755005
Haripur Hat B.O Jajapur755009
Haripur Jemadeipur B.O Jajapur755018
Hasinpur B.O Jajapur755017
Hatasahi Kutchery B.O Jajapur755016
Hatibari B.O Jajapur755018
Hatsahi B.O Jajapur755043
Isanpur B.O Jajapur755005
Iswarpur B.O Jajapur755011
Jabara B.O Jajapur755023
Jahanpur B.O Jajapur755007
Jajpur Bazar S.O Jajapur755001
Jajpur College S.O Jajapur755001
Jajpur H.O Jajapur755001
Jajpur Road RS S.O Jajapur755019
Jakhapura B.O Jajapur755026
Janakanalkul B.O Jajapur755005
Janapada B.O Jajapur755005
Janha B.O Jajapur755019
Jaraka S.O Jajapur755050
Jari B.O Jajapur755016
Jayantara B.O Jajapur755006
Jenapur S.O Jajapur755023
Jhalpada B.O Jajapur755005
Jharanga B.O Jajapur755007
Kabatabandha B.O Jajapur755023
Kabirpur S.O Jajapur755009
Kadampal B.O Jajapur755008
Kaima B.O Jajapur755008
Kaipara S.O Jajapur755010
Kakudikuda B.O Jajapur755005
Kalakala B.O Jajapur754082
Kalan B.O Jajapur755008
Kalaringatta S.O Jajapur755028
Kalashree Gopalpur B.O Jajapur754292
Kaliapani B.O Jajapur755028
Kalyanpur B.O Jajapur755012
Kamagarh B.O Jajapur755043
Kamalpur B.O Jajapur755036
Kamardihi B.O Jajapur755011
Kandiahat B.O Jajapur755016
Kanikapara B.O Jajapur755011
Kankadapal B.O Jajapur755018
Kansa B.O Jajapur755028
Kantapari B.O Jajapur755006
Kantar B.O Jajapur755022
Kantigadia S.O Jajapur755049
Kantipur B.O Jajapur755004
Kapasichhaka B.O Jajapur755007
Kapila B.O Jajapur755004
Katikata B.O Jajapur 755014
Kayan B.O Jajapur 755011
Khadianga B.O Jajapur 755049
Khairabad B.O Jajapur 755007
Khanditar B.O Jajapur 755009
Khannagar B.O Jajapur 755011
Khosalpur B.O Jajapur 755006
Khurunti B.O Jajapur 755026
Kiajhar B.O Jajapur 755019
Kodandpur B.O Jajapur 755007
Korei S.O Jajapur 755022
Kotapur B.O Jajapur 755008
Koudakol B.O Jajapur 754024
Krushnapur Sasan B.O Jajapur755049
Kuanlo B.O Jajapur755013
Kuanrapur B.O Jajapur755014
Kuhika B.O Jajapur755018
Kujhalo B.O Jajapur755017
Kumbhiragadia B.O Jajapur755026
Kumbhuka B.O Jajapur755027
Kundapatna B.O Jajapur755008
Kusupur B.O Jajapur754205
Kutchery Gaon B.O Jajapur755009
Lalbag B.O Jajapur755007
Laxminagar B.O Jajapur755015
embo B.O Jajapur755018
M.D.Jemapur B.O Jajapur 755017
Madhubanhat B.O Jajapur755009
Madhusudanpur B.O Jajapur755023
Mahisara B.O Jajapur755023
Malapara B.O Jajapur755043
Mallikapur B.O Jajapur755036
Mamadulla B.O Jajapur755006
Mandari B.O Jajapur755003
Mangalpur B.O Jajapur755018
Mangalpur S.O (Jajapur) Jajapur755011
Mangarajpur B.O Jajapur755009
Manitira B.O Jajapur755026
Marjitpur B.O Jajapur755023
Markandapur B.O Jajapur 755007
Mashra S.O Jajapur755012
Masudpur B.O Jajapur755043
Meduakul B.O Jajapur 755003
Merdakatia Chhak B.O Jajapur755006
Mirchandpur B.O Jajapur755007
Mirzapur B.O Jajapur755008
Mohanpur B.O Jajapur755004
Mohantypatna B.O Jajapur755036
Mugupal B.O Jajapur755009
Mukundapur B.O Jajapur755025
Nachhipura B.O Jajapur755019
Nadiabhanga B.O Jajapur755026
Naguan B.O Jajapur755019
Nahangapatna B.O Jajapur 755008
Nakhei B.O Jajapur755007
Nalipur B.O Jajapur 754205
Namtara B.O Jajapur755016
Nandipur B.O Jajapur755006
Narangochha B.O Jajapur755036
Nathapur B.O Jajapur755003
Nathsahi B.O Jajapur755007
Nehapara B.O Jajapur755014
Neulpur B.O Jajapur755024
Oddisso Andeigoda B.O Jajapur755008
Olei Chandanpur B.O Jajapur755016
Ollalo B.O Jajapur755026
Pachhikote B.O Jajapur 755019
Pahanga B.O Jajapur 755015
Palatpur B.O Jajapur 755011
Palei B.O Jajapur754205
Panikoili S.O Jajapur 755043
Pankapal Sasan B.O Jajapur 755026
Paripada Nizampur B.O Jajapur755011
Patranga B.O Jajapur755019
Pingal B.O Jajapur755026
Prathamakhandi B.O Jajapur755008
Pritipur S.O Jajapur755013
Pubasahi B.O Jajapur755006
Purbakote B.O Jajapur755022
Purunabaulamal B.O Jajapur 755023
Rachhipur B.O Jajapur 755019
Ragadi B.O Jajapur755019
Rahasoi B.O Jajapur 755007
Raipur B.O Jajapur754292
Rajapur B.O Jajapur 755003
Rajendrapur B.O Jajapur 755009
Rakabi Bazar B.O Jajapur 755009
Ramachandrapur B.O Jajapur755003
Ramakrishnapur B.O Jajapur755022
Rambag S.O Jajapur 755014
Ranagundi B.O Jajapur755026
Ranigoda B.O Jajapur755025
Ranipada B.O Jajapur755019
Ranpur B.O Jajapur755012
Ransol B.O Jajapur755028
Rasulpur B.O Jajapur755009
Ratalang B.O Jajapur755004
Ratnagiri B.O Jajapur 754214
Rekhideipur B.O Jajapur755023
Rudrapur B.O Jajapur755005
Rudrapur B.O Jajapur754023
Rurhiya B.O Jajapur 755043
Sadanandapur B.O Jajapur755009
Sahupara B.O Jajapur 755003
Sakuntalapur B.O Jajapur 754024
Salapada B.O Jajapur 754082
Salijanga B.O Jajapur 755026
Samantarapur B.O Jajapur755009
Samsarpur B.O Jajapur754023
Sanakuanlo B.O Jajapur755011
Sankhachilla S.O Jajapur755015
Sarada Mukundapur B.O Jajapur755023
Sasanda B.O Jajapur755027
Saudia B.O Jajapur754292
Sayedpur B.O Jajapur755027
Sherpur B.O Jajapur755010
Siha B.O Jajapur755044
Simulia B.O Jajapur755007
Singhapur B.O Jajapur755008
Singhpur S.O (Jajapur) Jajapur755016
Sipura B.O Jajapur754205
Sobra S.O Jajapur755019
Solempur B.O Jajapur755007
Sribantapur B.O Jajapur755015
Sridharpur B.O Jajapur755007
Sujanpur S.O (Jajapur) Jajapur755017
Sukinda S.O Jajapur 755018
Sungura S.O (Jajapur) Jajapur 754296
Taharpur B.O Jajapur 755019
Talabandha B.O Jajapur 755004
Tarakote B.O Jajapur 755025
Taranga Sagarpur B.O Jajapur755006
Thannual B.O Jajapur755024
Tina B.O Jajapur755012
Tulasipur B.O Jajapur755025
Tulati B.O Jajapur755022
Uchhabali B.O Jajapur758025
Udaypur B.O Jajapur755017
Udranga B.O Jajapur755014
Uttangara B.O Jajapur755014
Uttarkulhat B.O Jajapur755013
Votka B.O Jajapur755009
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