List of Post Offices/ Pincodes Of Koraput District, Odisha
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Post Office DistrictPincode
A.Malkangiri B.OKoraput764021
Anchala B.OKoraput764056
Anta B.OKoraput 764005
Asana B.OKoraput764002
B.D.Pur S.OKoraput764001
B.Maliput B.OKoraput 764037
Badel B.OKoraput764041
Badigada B.OKoraput764040
Bagderi B.OKoraput 764002
Balda B.OKoraput764038
Balel B.OKoraput764041
Baligam B.OKoraput 764043
Balipeta B.OKoraput 764014
Bandhugam S.OKoraput764027
Bariniput S.OKoraput764006
Baruaguda B.OKoraput 764002
Batasena B.OKoraput764058
Benagaon B.OKoraput764057
Benasur B.OKoraput 764056
Bhairabsinghpur S.OKoraput 764057
Bhaminiput B.OKoraput764005
Bhansuli B.OKoraput764058
Bheja B.OKoraput 764037
Bhejaguda B.OKoraput764044
Bhejahandi B.OKoraput764002
Bhitarguda B.OKoraput 763008
Bhusanguda B.OKoraput764002
Bijapur B.OKoraput764056
Bilangsil B.OKoraput 765013
Bilaput B.OKoraput764041
Binjili B.OKoraput764058
Bobia B.OKoraput 764055
Bodaput B.OKoraput764043
Bodigaon B.OKoraput764057
Boipariguda S.OKoraput 764043
Borigi B.OKoraput764027
Borigumma S.OKoraput764056
Burja B.OKoraput 765013
Champapadar B.OKoraput764057
Chanabeda B.OKoraput764028
Chandili B.OKoraput 764058
Chatwa B.OKoraput764038
Chendika B.OKoraput764039
Chikima B.OKoraput 764043
Chipakhor B.OKoraput 764043
Chirma B.OKoraput 764058
Chitra B.OKoraput 764056
D.P.Camp Sunabeda S.OKoraput 763003
D.Padar B.OKoraput 764036
D.Paunsi B.OKoraput 764002
Dabuguda B.OKoraput 764003
Damanjodi S.OKoraput 763008
Dambaguda B.OKoraput 764028
Dandabadi B.OKoraput 764043
Dasamanthpur B.OKoraput 764043
Dasamanthpur S.OKoraput 764028
Deoghati B.OKoraput 764011
Deopotangi B.OKoraput 764039
Dhamanahandi B.OKoraput764058
Dhanpur B.OKoraput764002
Digapur B.OKoraput 764005
Dongerchinchi B.OKoraput 764003
Doraguda B.OKoraput 764043
Dudhari B.OKoraput764036
Dumuriput B.OKoraput764021
Gadiaguda B.OKoraput765013
Gangarajpur B.OKoraput764039
Garidi B.OKoraput764027
Ghotarla B.OKoraput764058
Ghumar B.OKoraput 764005
Ghumar B.OKoraput 764058
Girla B.OKoraput 764058
Girliguma B.OKoraput 764028
Godapadar B.OKoraput 764003
Godihanjar B.OKoraput 764040
Golur B.OKoraput 764038
Gondal B.OKoraput 764043
Goudaguda B.O Koraput765013
Gujaniguda B.OKoraput764056
Gumuda B.OKoraput 764057
Guneipada B.OKoraput 764040
Guntaput B.O Koraput764037
Hadia B.OKoraput 764055
Hakimput B.OKoraput 764037
Haladikund B.OKoraput764043
Haradaput B.OKoraput764055
Hardoli B.OKoraput764056
Hataguda B.OKoraput 764036
Hatibari B.OKoraput764038
Jabaguda B.OKoraput764027
Jalahanjar B.OKoraput 764081
Jamunda B.OKoraput764055
Jayanagar S.O (Koraput)Koraput764005
Jayantgiri B.OKoraput764056
Jeypore(K) Civil Court S.OKoraput 764001
Jeypore(K) Fort S.OKoraput 764001
Jeypore(K) H.OKoraput764001
Jeypore(K) Irrigation Colony S.OKoraput764004
Jeypore(K) Koraput Road S.OKoraput764001
Jeypore(K) R.S. S.OKoraput764002
Jogipalur B.OKoraput764014
Jolaput S.OKoraput 764041
K.Guda B.OKoraput764036
Kabidi B.OKoraput 764056
Kabirbadi B.OKoraput 764027
Kadamguda B.OKoraput 764037
Kadamguda B.OKoraput 764043
Kakirigumma B.OKoraput 765013
Kaliagam B.OKoraput 764002
Kamta B.O Koraput764057
Kaploda B.OKoraput 764027
Karimiti B.O Koraput764002
Kasandi B.OKoraput 764037
Kathargada B.OKoraput 764057
Kendar B.OKoraput764021
Kenduguda B.OKoraput764043
Kerla B.OKoraput764058
Khairput B.OKoraput764043
Khudi B.OKoraput764036
Khumbari B.OKoraput764014
Khurjee B.OKoraput764037
Kolab Nagar S.OKoraput764011
Kollar B.OKoraput764043
Konagam B.OKoraput 764056
Konga B.OKoraput 764055
Koraput Collectorate S.OKoraput 764020
Koraput H.OKoraput 764020
Koraput R.S. S.OKoraput 764021
Kosaguda B.OKoraput 764056
Kotiya B.OKoraput 764039
Kotpad S.OKoraput 764058
Kularsingi B.OKoraput764038
Kumargandhana B.OKoraput 764037
Kumbharput B.OKoraput764027
Kumuli B.OKoraput 764057
Kunduli B.OKoraput 764036
Kundura B.OKoraput 764002
Kusumguda B.OKoraput765013
Lamtaput S.OKoraput764081
Laxmipur (Koraput) S.OKoraput 765013
Lima B.OKoraput 764002
Litiguda B.OKoraput 763008
Lulla B.OKoraput 764028
Machhkund S.O Koraput764040
Mahadeiput B.OKoraput 764021
Majhiguda B.OKoraput 764043
Malbelagam B.OKoraput764037
Malda B.OKoraput764056
Maliput B.OKoraput764039
Mastiput B.OKoraput 764021
Mathalput B.O Koraput763008
Modeigaon B.OKoraput 764058
Mohuli B.OKoraput 764043
Mosigam B.OKoraput 764043
Mudulipada B.OKoraput 764043
Munja B.OKoraput764057
Munjanga B.OKoraput 765013
Murkur B.OKoraput764028
Muttahandi B.OKoraput764058
Nad Sunabeda S.OKoraput 763004
Nandapur S.OKoraput764037
Nandigam B.OKoraput764021
Narayanpatna S.OKoraput 764014
Narigam B.OKoraput764057
Nilabadi B.OKoraput764027
Nuagaon B.OKoraput 764056
Odiapentha B.OKoraput765013
Omp Line S.OKoraput764021
Ondrahal B.OKoraput 764042
Ondrangi B.O Koraput764039
Onukadeli S.OKoraput764042
P.Muthai B.OKoraput 764036
P.Phulbeda B.OKoraput764021
Padavalda B.OKoraput764027
Padwa S.O (Koraput)Koraput 764038
Pakjhola B.OKoraput764036
Panasaguda B.OKoraput764056
Panchada B.OKoraput 765013
Panthulunga B.OKoraput 764038
Peta B.OKoraput 764003
Peturu B.OKoraput 764039
Phampuni B.OKoraput 764002
Phupugaon B.OKoraput 764002
Pindapadar B.OKoraput 764028
Pipalpadar B.OKoraput 765013
Pithaguda B.OKoraput 764037
Podagada B.OKoraput765013
Podaghat B.OKoraput764043
Podapadar B.OKoraput 764014
Porli B.OKoraput764056
Pottangi S.OKoraput 764039
Prasadraopeta S.OKoraput 764003
Pujariput B.O Koraput764056
Pukali B.OKoraput 764039
R Zone(Sunabeda) S.OKoraput 763002
Raisingi B.OKoraput 764038
Rajput B.OKoraput 764036
Ralegada B.OKoraput 764039
Ramgiri B.OKoraput 764043
Ranaspur B.OKoraput 764057
Raniguda B.OKoraput764056
Raniput B.OKoraput 764005
Ranjiput B.OKoraput764027
Rasbeda B.OKoraput764043
Renga B.OKoraput 764036
Rondapalli B.OKoraput764002
Sadabari B.OKoraput764027
Sadam B.OKoraput764039
Sadaranga B.OKoraput 764058
Sambai B.OKoraput 764039
Sanparia B.OKoraput764056
Sasahandi B.OKoraput764056
Sector-VII(Sunabeda) S.OKoraput 763002
Semiliguda S.OKoraput 764036
Semlaguda B.OKoraput764057
Simla B.OKoraput764037
Soguru B.OKoraput 764081
Sorada B.OKoraput764039
Sorgiguda B.OKoraput764056
Subai B.OKoraput 764037
Suku B.OKoraput764021
Sunabeda-1 S.OKoraput763001
Sunabeda-2 S.OKoraput 763002
Sunarbelli (Nuagaon) B.OKoraput 764058
Sunki B.OKoraput 764039
T.Gumandi B.OKoraput764014
T.Padar B.OKoraput 764014
T.Thuba B.OKoraput 764037
Tankua B.OKoraput 764003
Taraput B.OKoraput764002
Tentuligumma B.OKoraput764043
Tikarpada B.OKoraput764081
Toyaput B.OKoraput 765013
Turia B.OKoraput 764039
Tusuba B.OKoraput 764081
Ukiapalli B.OKoraput 764058
Umuri B.OKoraput 764021
Umuri B.OKoraput 764002
Upperdural B.OKoraput764042
Upperkutinga B.OKoraput 765013
Wandergada B.OKoraput764038
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