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List of Post Offices/ Pincodes Of Boudh District, Odisha
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Post Office DistrictPincode
Adenigarh B.OBoudh 762023
Ainlapalli B.O Boudh762015
Arakhapadar B.OBoudh 762020
Badabandha B.OBoudh 762013
Badachhapalli B.OBoudh 762017
Badhigaon B.OBoudh 762026
Badiketa B.OBoudh 762015
Baghiabahal S.OBoudh 762030
Baghiapada B.OBoudh 762026
Bahira B.OBoudh 762015
Balakira B.OBoudh 762015
Balanda B.OBoudh 762013
Balasinga B.OBoudh762014
Bamanda B.OBoudh762024
Bandhapathar B.OBoudh 762026
Barabapadr B.OBoudh 762030
Baragaon B.OBoudh 762017
Baragochha B.OBoudh 762016
Bhejigora B.OBoudh 762020
Bilabadi B.OBoudh762024
Bilaspur B.OBoudh762016
Biramchandrapur B.OBoudh762024
Biranarasinghpur S.OBoudh762024
Birigarh B.OBoudh 762026
Boudh Court S.OBoudh762014
Boudhbazar S.OBoudh762014
Boudhraj S.OBoudh 762014
Bounsoni S.OBoudh762015
Brahmanpalli B.OBoudh762014
Butupalli B.OBoudh762014
Charada B.OBoudh762014
Chhatranga B.OBoudh 762020
Dahya B.OBoudh 762015
Damamunda B.OBoudh762016
Dapalla B.OBoudh762030
Devgarh B.OBoudh762024
Dhadalapada B.OBoudh762026
Dhalapur B.OBoudh762013
Fased B.OBoudh762018
Gabjore B.OBoudh762030
Gandapaju B.OBoudh 762012
Gandisara B.OBoudh762012
Ghantapada S.OBoudh762018
Gudvellipadar B.OBoudh762016
Gundribida B.OBoudh762023
Gundulia B.OBoudh762015
Harabhanga S.OBoudh762020
Jagati B.OBoudh762014
Janhapanka B.OBoudh762014
Jhadrajing S.OBoudh762023
Jogindrapur B.OBoudh762016
Juramunda B.OBoudh762015
Kamira B.OBoudh762014
Kampara B.OBoudh 762015
Kankala B.OBoudh 762015
Kantamal S.OBoudh762017
Karadi B.OBoudh762024
Karanjakata B.OBoudh762023
Kasurbandha B.OBoudh762015
Kelakata B.OBoudh762024
Khairmal B.OBoudh762016
Khaliapalli B.OBoudh 762030
Khamariapada B.OBoudh762014
Khandahata B.OBoudh762013
Kharabhuin B.OBoudh762020
Khatakatia B.OBoudh762030
Khuntabandha B.OBoudh762014
Khuntiapada B.OBoudh762026
Kultajore B.OBoudh762018
Kumari B.OBoudh762020
Kusanga B.OBoudh762020
Laxmanpur B.OBoudh762023
Laxmiprasad B.OBoudh762014
Lokapada B.OBoudh762030
Lunibahal B.OBoudh762024
Madhapur B.OBoudh762012
Mahallickpada B.OBoudh762020
Mallisahi S.OBoudh762014
Manamunda S.OBoudh762016
Manupalli B.OBoudh762015
Marjakud B.OBoudh762014
Masinogora B.OBoudh762018
Mathura B.OBoudh 762024
Mundapada B.OBoudh762014
Mundipadar B.OBoudh762015
Murusundhi B.OBoudh762014
Narayan Prasad B.OBoudh 762017
Nuapalli B.OBoudh762015
Nuapalli B.OBoudh762018
Padarpada B.OBoudh762016
Palaspat B.OBoudh762014
Purunakatak S.OBoudh762013
Rambhikata B.OBoudh762024
Ramgarh B.OBoudh762013
Ranipathar B.OBoudh 762023
Roxa B.OBoudh762015
Rundimahal B.OBoudh762030
Rusibandha B.OBoudh762015
Sagada B.OBoudh762016
Salki B.OBoudh762026
Sampoch B.OBoudh762024
Sanachhapalli B.OBoudh762017
Sangochhapada B.OBoudh762015
Sangrampur B.OBoudh762015
Sankulei B.OBoudh762020
Sarsara S.OBoudh762026
Satakhanda B.OBoudh762020
Similipadar B.OBoudh762030
Srimal B.OBoudh 762017
Sundhipadar B.OBoudh 762016
Telibandha B.OBoudh 762014
Tetelenga B.OBoudh762014
Tikiripada B.OBoudh762026
Tilapanga B.OBoudh762015
Tileswar B.OBoudh762013
Tundamal B.OBoudh762016
Uden B.OBoudh762018
Uma B.OBoudh762018
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