List of Post Offices/ Pincodes Of Kandhamala District, Odisha
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Post Office DistrictPincode
Adasikupa B.OKandhamal762112
Adasipada B.OKandhamal762029
Arabaka B.OKandhamal762010
Arapaju B.OKandhamal 762012
Badabanga B.OKandhamal762104
Badabhuin B.OKandhamal762029
Badagaon B.OKandhamal762103
Badangia B.OKandhamal 762104
Badimunda B.OKandhamal762010
Baikumpa B.OKandhamal 762012
Bakingia B.OKandhamal 762101
Balakia B.OKandhamal762110
Balandapada B.OKandhamal 762002
Balaskumpa B.OKandhamal 762029
Balimusti B.OKandhamal762109
Balligada B.OKandhamal762102
Balliguda S.OKandhamal762103
Balumaha B.OKandhamal762022
Bamunigaon S.O Kandhamal 762021
Bandapipili B.OKandhamal762105
Bandha B.OKandhamal762101
Bandhagarh B.OKandhamal 762011
Bapalamendi B.OKandhamal762027
Bapalamendi B.OKandhamal762010
Barakhama S.OKandhamal762110
Bariguda B.OKandhamal762106
Baringi B.OKandhamal 762012
Bastingia B.OKandhamal762010
Bataguda B.OKandhamal762109
Batamunda B.OKandhamal 762002
Beallapadar B.OKandhamal762028
Bediketa B.OKandhamal762103
Beheragaon B.OKandhamal 762010
Belghar B.OKandhamal 762107
Benegaon B.OKandhamal762106
Beredakia B.OKandhamal762101
Bhandrangi B.OKandhamal 762107
Bhramarabadi B.OKandhamal 762104
Bhrungijodi B.OKandhamal762011
Bilamala B.OKandhamal762107
Biringi B.OKandhamal 762109
Bisipada B.OKandhamal762011
Boida B.OKandhamal 762029
Boudingia B.OKandhamal 762103
Brahmanpad B.OKandhamal762028
Breka B.OKandhamal762010
Budaguda B.OKandhamal 762103
Budrukia B.OKandhamal762103
Burangia B.OKandhamal762103
Burbinaju B.OKandhamal 762112
Chahali B.OKandhamal762028
Chakapada S.OKandhamal762028
Chanchedi B.OKandhamal762101
Contractorpada S.OKandhamal 762002
Court Stree G.Duaygisi S.OKandhamal 762100
Dadakangia B.OKandhamal762109
Dadaki B.OKandhamal762002
Dadapada B.OKandhamal 762100
Dadingia B.OKandhamal762101
Dakpala B.OKandhamal762002
Dalapada B.OKandhamal 762012
Dandapadar B.OKandhamal762103
Danekbadi B.OKandhamal762104
Dangesiguda B.OKandhamal762109
Dankuni B.OKandhamal762027
Daringbadiso S.OKandhamal 762104
Dasingbadi B.OKandhamal762104
Deegi B.OKandhamal762101
Demingia B.OKandhamal 762103
Demisingia B.OKandhamal762102
Dharampur B.OKandhamal762102
Dimbiriguda B.OKandhamal 762011
Duguripadi B.OKandhamal 762022
Durgapanga B.OKandhamal762105
Dutimenda B.OKandhamal762012
Dutipada B.OKandhamal762012
G.Udayagiri S.OKandhamal 762100
Gadaguda B.OKandhamal762100
Gadapur B.OKandhamal762021
Gadiapada B.OKandhamal 762012
Gandagaon B.OKandhamal762019
Ganjuguda B.OKandhamal762029
Gardingia B.OKandhamal762112
Gedingia B.OKandhamal762101
Ghatiguda B.OKandhamal 762028
Gochhapada B.OKandhamal 762002
Greenbadi B.OKandhamal762104
Gressingia B.OKandhamal762100
Gudari B.OKandhamal762012
Gudrikia B.OKandhamal 762101
Gugurumaha B.OKandhamal762105
Gumagarh S.OKandhamal762029
Gumikia B.OKandhamal 762103
Gumikia B.OKandhamal762021
Gumma B.OKandhamal762107
Gundhani B.OKandhamal 762101
Gunjibadi B.OKandhamal762102
Guttingia B.OKandhamal762106
Hatimunda B.OKandhamal762021
Jajespanga B.OKandhamal 762011
Jalespata B.OKandhamal 762107
Jamjhari B.OKandhamal762002
Jhagadapata B.OKandhamal762027
Jhinjiriguda B.OKandhamal762021
Jhiripani B.OKandhamal762107
Judabadi B.OKandhamal762105
Kachhabali B.OKandhamal 762103
Kainjhor B.OKandhamal762019
Kajuri B.OKandhamal762101
Kalinga S.OKandhamal 762022
Kanbageri B.OKandhamal762100
Kanjamendi B.OKandhamal762102
Kasabasa B.OKandhamal762021
Kasinipadar B.OKandhamal 762011
Katadi B.OKandhamal762106
Katamaha B.OKandhamal762021
Kathingia B.OKandhamal 762100
Katimaha B.OKandhamal762010
Katringia B.OKandhamal762002
Kattingia B.OKandhamal762021
Kelapada B.OKandhamal762011
Keredi B.OKandhamal 762029
Kerubadi B.OKandhamal762104
Khajuripada S.OKandhamal762012
Khamankhole B.OKandhamal762110
Kiamunda B.OKandhamal762011
Kirikuti B.OKandhamal 762104
Kothagarh S.OKandhamal762105
Krandibali B.OKandhamal762002
Kudupanga B.OKandhamal762103
Kuduteli B.OKandhamal762102
Kumbharabadi B.OKandhamal 762104
Kumbharigaon B.OKandhamal762021
Kurmingia B.OKandhamal762022
Kurtamgarh S.OKandhamal762109
Kutigada B.OKandhamal762105
Kutikia B.OKandhamal 762110
Lambabadi B.OKandhamal762012
Lamungia B.OKandhamal762101
Lankagada B.OKandhamal 762107
Lethingia B.O Kandhamal762102
Linepada S.OKandhamal762027
Lingagarh B.OKandhamal 762100
Loisingi B.OKandhamal762002
Lokebadi B.OKandhamal762102
Luhuringia B.OKandhamal 762112
Madaguda B.OKandhamal762105
Madar Sahi B.OKandhamal762106
Madikunda S.OKandhamal762001
Magadangia B.OKandhamal762106
Mahagudi B.OKandhamal762021
Mahasingi B.OKandhamal 762103
Majhipada B.OKandhamal762011
Mallickpada B.OKandhamal762020
Mallickpodi B.OKandhamal 762100
Mandakia B.OKandhamal 762101
Mandalapadar B.OKandhamal762107
Mandasaru B.OKandhamal762101
Mandipanka B.OKandhamal762021
Manikeswar B.OKandhamal762101
Marlang B.OKandhamal 762105
Masterpada S.OKandhamal 762001
Mediakia B.O Kandhamal762109
Melsikia B.OKandhamal762110
Minia B.OKandhamal 762029
Minjapanka B.OKandhamal762021
Mundigarh B.OKandhamal762107
Muselipanga B.OKandhamal762011
Muskusahi B.OKandhamal762010
Nediguda B.OKandhamal762028
Nilungia B.OKandhamal 762100
Nuagaon S.O (Kandhamal)Kandhamal 762102
Nuapadar B.OKandhamal762011
Nuasahi S.OKandhamal762103
Ollenbatch Nagar S.OKandhamal 762001
Ora B.OKandhamal762105
Pabingia B.OKandhamal762011
Paburia S.OKandhamal 762112
Padangi B.OKandhamal762106
Paderipada B.OKandhamal762106
Padunbadi B.OKandhamal762101
Paheraju B.OKandhamal762002
Paikadharakote B.OKandhamal 762105
Pakanagaon B.OKandhamal762029
Pakari B.OKandhamal762103
Pangali B.OKandhamal 762104
Parampanga B.OKandhamal762109
Parigada B.OKandhamal762103
Parthamaha B.OKandhamal 762104
Pasara B.OKandhamal762028
Penjisahi (TPO-1135) S.OKandhamal762001
Petapanga B.OKandhamal762112
Phiringia S.OKandhamal 762011
Phulbani Bazar S.OKandhamal 762001
Phulbani H.OKandhamal762001
Pikaradi B.OKandhamal762010
Pokari B.OKandhamal 762002
Pokharibandha B.O Kandhamal762110
Pusangia B.OKandhamal762109
R Nuagaon B.OKandhamal 762027
Rabingia B.OKandhamal762110
Rabingia B.OKandhamal 762011
Raikala B.O Kandhamal762100
Raikia S.OKandhamal762101
Raipalli B.OKandhamal 762100
Ranapatuli B.OKandhamal762012
Rasimendi B.OKandhamal762029
Ratanga B.OKandhamal762011
Rattingia B.OKandhamal 762100
Rudangia B.OKandhamal762100
Rupagaon B.OKandhamal762028
Rutungia B.OKandhamal 762103
Sadingia B.OKandhamal762011
Sainipada B.OKandhamal762103
Sainipadar B.OKandhamal 762002
Sakadi B.OKandhamal 762012
Sakhipada B.OKandhamal762011
Salaguda B.OKandhamal 762110
Salaguda B.OKandhamal 762002
Salimagochha B.OKandhamal762021
Salkibudaguda B.OKandhamal762105
Sangadama B.OKandhamal762021
Sankarakhole S.OKandhamal762019
Saramuli B.OKandhamal762021
Sarangada S.OKandhamal 762106
Sarkipada B.OKandhamal762110
Sautikia B.OKandhamal762110
Seskajodi B.OKandhamal 762011
Siangbali B.OKandhamal 762104
Sikaketa B.OKandhamal762101
Simanbadi B.OKandhamal762103
Simanbadi B.OKandhamal762104
Sindrigaon B.OKandhamal762103
Siringia B.OKandhamal762106
Sirki B.OKandhamal 762100
Sirla B.OKandhamal 762107
Sirtiguda B.OKandhamal762102
Sonepur B.OKandhamal762104
Sraniketa B.OKandhamal 762104
Sripalla B.OKandhamal762011
Srirampur B.OKandhamal 762105
Subranagiri B.OKandhamal 762105
Sudhipada B.OKandhamal762100
Sudra B.OKandhamal762110
Sudreju B.OKandhamal 762002
Sudrukumpa B.OKandhamal762002
Sugudabadi B.OKandhamal762101
Tajungia B.OKandhamal762021
Talapada B.OKandhamal 762002
Talapada B.OKandhamal 762012
Talarimaha B.OKandhamal762022
Tamangi B.OKandhamal762021
Tekangia B.OKandhamal 762104
Tellapali B.OKandhamal762011
Tentuligarh B.OKandhamal762010
Terabadi B.OKandhamal762104
Tiangia B.OKandhamal 762100
Tikabali S.OKandhamal762010
Tikarabaju B.OKandhamal762110
Tikiripada B.OKandhamal762002
Tillory B.OKandhamal762103
Titrapanga B.OKandhamal 762029
Tudipaju B.OKandhamal762002
Tumudibandha S.OKandhamal762107
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