List of Post Offices/ Pincodes Of Balangir District, Odisha
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Post Office DistrictPincode
Adabahal B.O Balangir767066
Agalapali B.O Balangir767020
Agalpur S.O Balangir767022
Alanda B.O Balangir767033
Ankriapadar B.O Balangir767002
Arjunda B.O Balangir767016
Arjunpur B.O Balangir767067
Atgaon B.O Balangir767002
B.Fatkara B.O Balangir767002
Badangomunda B.O Balangir767030
Badbahal B.O Balangir767067
Badbandh B.O Balangir767029
Badbanki B.O Balangir767060
Baddakala B.O Balangir767038
Badibahal B.O Balangir767020
Badimunda B.O Balangir767020
Badsaimara B.O Balangir767037
Badtika B.O Balangir767020
Bagdor B.O Balangir767026
Bagmund B.O Balangir767025
Bahabal B.O Balangir767026
Bahalpadar B.O Balangir767002
Baidipali B.O Balangir767024
Bairasar B.O Balangir767016
Bakti B.O Balangir767021
Balangir Court S.O Balangir767001
Balangir H.O Balangir767001
Balangir RS S.O Balangir767001
Balipata B.O Balangir767025
Bandhpara B.O Balangir767029
Baneimunda B.O Balangir767025
Banganmura S.O Balangir767040
Bankel B.O Balangir767037
Barbahal B.O Balangir767027
Barpadar B.O Balangir767041
Barpudigia B.O Balangir767024
Batharla B.O Balangir767025
Belgaon B.O Balangir767032
Belpara B.O Balangir767040
Belpara S.O Balangir767026
Bender B.O Balangir767038
Bendra B.O Balangir767021
Bhadra B.O Balangir767032
Bhainsa S.O (Balangir) Balangir767048
Bhaler B.O Balangir767002
Bhalumunda B.O Balangir767040
Bhanpur B.O Balangir767028
Bharsuja B.O Balangir767061
Bhatipara S.O Balangir767042
Bhundimuhan B.O Balangir767048
Bhusaguda B.O Balangir767035
Bhutiarbahal B.O Balangir767029
Bichhubahali B.O Balangir767039
Bidighat B.O Balangir767024
Bijepur B.O Balangir767033
Bileisarda B.O Balangir767065
Binekela B.O Balangir767033
Biripali B.O Balangir767040
Bubel B.O Balangir767002
Budhabahal B.O Balangir767032
Budula B.O Balangir767022
Burda B.O Balangir767020
Chalki B.O Balangir767037
Chandanbhati S.O Balangir767065
Chandotara B.O Balangir767035
Chantipala B.O Balangir767033
Chatuanka B.O Balangir767039
Chaulsukha B.O Balangir767039
Chhatamakhana B.O Balangir767065
Chhatapipal B.O Balangir767002
Chuliphunka B.O Balangir767040
Churapali S.O Balangir767024
College Square S.O (Balangir) Balangir767002
Dahimal B.O Balangir767030
Damaipali B.O Balangir767027
Damkipali B.O Balangir767025
Darlipali B.O Balangir767027
Daspur B.O Balangir767002
Dedarha B.O Balangir767027
Dedgaon B.O Balangir767035
Deng B.O Balangir767032
Deogaon S.O (Balangir) Balangir767029
Desandh B.O Balangir767029
Desil B.O Balangir767033
Deulgaon B.O Balangir767041
Deulgudi B.O Balangir767030
Dhamandanga B.O Balangir767039
Dhandamal B.O Balangir767029
Dhandamunda B.O Balangir767028
Dhanpur B.O Balangir767046
Dholmandal B.O Balangir767038
Duduka S.O Balangir767061
Dumabhata B.O Balangir767026
Dumerpita B.O Balangir767048
Dungripali S.O Balangir767023
Durgapali B.O Balangir767065
Fatkara B.O Balangir767024
Fulkimunda B.O Balangir767038
G.S. Dungripali B.O Balangir767024
Gaintala B.O Balangir767002
Gambhari B.O Balangir767027
Gandhi Nagar S.O (Balangir) Balangir767001
Gandpatrapali B.O Balangir767032
Gangasagar B.O Balangir767025
Ganrei B.O Balangir767037
Ghagurli B.O Balangir767026
Ghantabahali B.O Balangir767033
Ghasian B.O Balangir767025
Ghuna B.O Balangir767046
Ghunesh B.O Balangir767038
Ghunsar B.O Balangir767028
Ghunsar B.O Balangir767032
Goilbhadi B.O Balangir767033
Goimund B.O Balangir767040
Gourgoth B.O Balangir767067
Gudighat B.O Balangir767037
Gudvella S.O Balangir767046
Haldi B.O Balangir767037
Harisankar Road S.O Balangir767038
Hatpadapara S.O Balangir767033
Hirapur B.O Balangir767020
Ichhapara B.O Balangir767037
Jagua B.O Balangir767066
Jamgaon B.O Balangir767002
Jamkhunta B.O Balangir767035
Jamut B.O Balangir767046
Jarasingha S.O Balangir767067
Jhankarpali B.O Balangir767065
Jharial B.O Balangir767040
Jharnipali B.O Balangir767061
Jogimunda S.O Balangir767027
Jogisarda B.O Balangir767020
Juba B.O Balangir767025
Jurabandh B.O Balangir767026
K. Larambha B.O Balangir767025
Kamarlaga B.O Balangir767032
Kandajuri B.O Balangir767020
Kandhenjhula B.O Balangir767027
Kandhkelgaon B.O Balangir767029
Kantabanji Bazar S.O Balangir767039
Kantabanji S.O Balangir767039
Kanut B.O Balangir767026
Kapalabhata B.O Balangir767040
Kapani B.O Balangir767026
Kapsila B.O Balangir767030
Karamtala B.O Balangir767032
Katarkela B.O Balangir767033
Kendumundi B.O Balangir767025
Khagsa B.O Balangir767039
Khaira B.O Balangir767040
Khairmal B.O Balangir767026
Khaliapali B.O Balangir767020
Khalipathar B.O Balangir767026
Khaprakhol S.O Balangir767028
Kharjura B.O Balangir767002
Khasbahal B.O Balangir767032
Kholan S.O Balangir767066
Khujenbahali B.O Balangir767039
Khujenpali B.O Balangir767002
Khuntsamalei B.O Balangir767025
Kuanrgaon B.O Balangir767032
Kudasingha B.O Balangir767029
Kuibahal B.O Balangir767060
Kukurahad B.O Balangir767039
Kultapara B.O Balangir767067
Kumbhari B.O Balangir767032
Kursud B.O Balangir767035
Kurul B.O Balangir767002
Kusang B.O Balangir767065
Kushmel B.O Balangir767065
Kuskela B.O Balangir767066
Kutasingha B.O Balangir767068
Kutmunda B.O Balangir767041
Landapathar B.O Balangir767029
Lebda B.O Balangir767033
Lenjha B.O Balangir767033
Loisingha S.O Balangir767020
Luhasingha B.O Balangir767027
Luthurbandh B.O Balangir767033
Mahakhand B.O Balangir767040
Mahalei B.O Balangir767067
Maharapadar B.O Balangir767028
Mahimunda B.O Balangir767002
Mahulbahali B.O Balangir767060
Mahulpati B.O Balangir767038
Maingaon B.O Balangir767033
Makundpur B.O Balangir767002
Malisira B.O Balangir767037
Malmunda B.O Balangir767002
Malpara B.O Balangir767038
Mandal B.O Balangir767026
Manhira B.O Balangir767020
Manoharpur B.O Balangir767002
Marlad B.O Balangir767066
Marwari Bazar S.O Balangir767001
Matikhai B.O Balangir767027
Mayabarha B.O Balangir767048
Mirdhapali B.O Balangir767065
Mudghat B.O Balangir767048
Mundomahul B.O Balangir767025
Mundpadar B.O Balangir767040
Muribahal S.O Balangir767037
Mursingh B.O Balangir767029
Mursundhi B.O Balangir767021
Nagaon B.O Balangir767020
Nagaon B.O Balangir767022
Nandupala B.O Balangir767028
Naren B.O Balangir767066
Nuapara B.O Balangir767030
Of Badmal S.O Balangir767070
P.Rampur S.O Balangir767041
Padhel B.O Balangir767025
Padiabahal B.O Balangir767028
Pandamunda B.O Balangir767027
Pandesara B.O Balangir767061
Parasara B.O Balangir767035
Pardhiapali B.O Balangir767020
Patharla B.O Balangir767002
Patnagarh Bazar S.O Balangir767025
Patnagarh S.O Balangir767025
Patrapali B.O Balangir767037
Patuapali B.O Balangir767021
Phatamunda B.O Balangir767025
Pipirda B.O Balangir767065
Puintala B.O Balangir767002
Rajendra College S.O (Balangir) Balangir767002
Ramchandrapur B.O Balangir767048
Rampur B.O Balangir767021
Randa B.O Balangir767002
Rengali B.O Balangir767024
Rengali B.O Balangir767028
Rengali B.O Balangir767022
Rigdol B.O Balangir767033
Rinbachan B.O Balangir767022
Roth B.O Balangir767061
Rugudi Para S.O Balangir767001
Rusuda B.O Balangir767067
Sadeipali B.O Balangir767065
Sahajbahal B.O Balangir767024
Saintala S.O Balangir767032
Sakma B.O Balangir767020
Salandi B.O Balangir767026
Salebarat B.O Balangir767035
Salebhata S.O Balangir767021
Salemudga B.O Balangir767060
Salepali B.O Balangir767067
Samra B.O Balangir767030
Sanmula B.O Balangir767040
Sargad B.O Balangir767020
Sargul B.O Balangir767039
Sarmuhan B.O Balangir767026
Sauntput B.O Balangir767065
Sibtala B.O Balangir767024
Sihini B.O Balangir767066
Sikachhida B.O Balangir767029
Siker B.O Balangir767033
Sikuan B.O Balangir767029
Sindhekela S.O Balangir767035
Sirul B.O Balangir767033
Siskela B.O Balangir767032
Solbandh B.O Balangir767025
Sudpara S.O Balangir767001
Sulekela B.O Balangir767026
Sunamudi B.O Balangir767038
Sunamudi B.O Balangir767041
Taliudar B.O Balangir767065
Talpalipara S.O Balangir767001
Tamia B.O Balangir767025
Tandigaon B.O Balangir767030
Tankapani B.O Balangir767038
Telenpali B.O Balangir767028
Tendapadar B.O Balangir767041
Tentulikhunti B.O Balangir767037
Thelkomunda B.O Balangir767016
Tikrapara B.O Balangir767026
Tikrapara S.O Balangir767001
Titilagarh Bazar S.O Balangir767033
Titilagarh Court S.O Balangir767033
Titilagarh S.O Balangir767033
Titisilet B.O Balangir767035
Totopara B.O Balangir767033
Turekela S.O Balangir767060
Turla B.O Balangir767028
Tusra S.O Balangir767030
Udar B.O Balangir767067
Udiapali B.O Balangir767028
Ulba B.O Balangir767041
Uparjhar B.O Balangir767067
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