List of Post Offices/ Pincodes Of Bhadrak District, Odisha
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Post Office DistrictPincode
Adalpanka B.OBhadrak756114
Adhuan B.OBhadrak 756125
Adia B.OBhadrak756114
Aharapada B.OBhadrak756128
Akhuapada S.OBhadrak 756122
Alauti B.OBhadrak756113
Albaga B.OBhadrak756124
Andheipalli B.OBhadrak 756112
Andhia B.OBhadrak756114
Andiapat B.OBhadrak756129
Andrai B.OBhadrak 756123
Angeipal B.OBhadrak756117
Anijo B.OBhadrak756115
Apanda B.OBhadrak 756144
Aradi S.OBhadrak756138
Arandua B.OBhadrak756125
Arasa S.OBhadrak 756139
Arjunbindha B.OBhadrak756131
Arnapal S.OBhadrak756116
Aruha B.OBhadrak 756168
Asurali S.OBhadrak756137
Atto B.OBhadrak756123
B T Pur S.OBhadrak 756115
Babalpur B.OBhadrak756121
Bachhipur B.OBhadrak756165
Badabarchikayan B.OBhadrak 756135
Badanuagaon B.OBhadrak756115
Bahabalpur B.OBhadrak756130
Bahudarada B.OBhadrak 756112
Baincha B.OBhadrak756164
Balabhadrapur B.OBhadrak756116
Balanta B.OBhadrak756111
Balichaturi B.OBhadrak 756130
Baligaon B.OBhadrak756133
Balimeda B.OBhadrak756131
Balimunda B.OBhadrak 756164
Bamanbindha B.OBhadrak756131
Bamkura B.OBhadrak756119
Bandalo B.OBhadrak 756121
Bandhagaon B.OBhadrak756101
Bandhatia B.OBhadrak756117
Bangarpadi B.OBhadrak 756114
Banitia B.OBhadrak756101
Bansada Kuamara B.OBhadrak756164
Bant S.OBhadrak756114
Baralpokhari B.OBhadrak 756101
Barandua B.OBhadrak756168
Barapada S.OBhadrak756113
Barikpur Bazar S.OBhadrak 756112
Baro B.OBhadrak756130
Barsar B.OBhadrak756131
Bartana B.OBhadrak 756115
Barunai B.OBhadrak756167
Basantia S.O (Bhadrak)Bhadrak756144
Basudevpur College S.OBhadrak756125
Basudevpur S.O (Bhadrak)Bhadrak756125
Batula B.OBhadrak756138
Bedeipur B.OBhadrak 756164
Bedeipurpal B.OBhadrak756125
Begana B.OBhadrak756114
Bentalpur B.OBhadrak 756133
Betada S.OBhadrak756168
Betaligaon B.OBhadrak756119
Bhadrak Banka Bazar S.OBhadrak 756100
Bhadrak Bypass B.OBhadrak756181
Bhadrak College S.OBhadrak756100
Bhadrak Court S.OBhadrak 756100
Bhadrak H.OBhadrak756100
Bhadrak Naya Bazar S.OBhadrak756100
Bhadrak Puruna Bazar S.OBhadrak756100
Bhadrak R S S.OBhadrak756101
Bhagibindha B.OBhadrak756112
Bhairabpur B.OBhadrak756125
Bhandari Pokhari S.OBhadrak 756120
Bhatapada B.OBhadrak756130
Bhuianwash B.OBhadrak756163
Bhuinpur B.OBhadrak 756138
Bidyadharpur B.OBhadrak756139
Bijayanagar B.OBhadrak756133
Bilana B.OBhadrak756163
Binayakpur B.OBhadrak 756125
Biras B.OBhadrak756125
Biriadia B.OBhadrak756129
Bishnupurbindha B.OBhadrak 756116
Bodak B.OBhadrak756163
Bodakpatna B.OBhadrak756135
Bouljoda B.OBhadrak 756133
Brahmanigaon S.OBhadrak756165
Brahmanpal B.OBhadrak756119
Chabispara Sasan B.OBhadrak 756130
Chalunigaon B.OBhadrak756168
Champulipada B.OBhadrak756111
Chandbali Bazar S.OBhadrak756133
Chandbali S.OBhadrak756133
Chandigaon B.OBhadrak 756101
Chandrakat Bindha B.OBhadrak 75613
Charampa S.OBhadrak756101
Chardia B.OBhadrak756132
Chardia B.OBhadrak 756113
Chhayalsingh B.OBhadrak756114
Chudakuti Palasa B.OBhadrak756117
Chudamani B.OBhadrak756125
D.B. Colony B.OBhadrak 756117
Dakhinabad B.OBhadrak756117
Deopada B.OBhadrak756121
Dhamara S.OBhadrak 756171
Dhamnagar S.OBhadrak756117
Dhulipada B.OBhadrak756130
Dhusuri S.OBhadrak 756119
Dobal B.OBhadrak756117
Dolapadi B.OBhadrak756114
Dolasahi S.OBhadrak 756127
Dosinga B.OBhadrak756171
Erada B.OBhadrak756123
Eram S.OBhadrak 756162
Ertal S.O Bhadrak756124
Fatepur B.OBhadrak756137
Gadiali B.OBhadrak756137
Galagandapur B.OBhadrak756163
Ganijang B.OBhadrak756114
Ganjeibari B.OBhadrak756127
Garadapur B.OBhadrak756181
Gelpur B.OBhadrak756181
Geltua B.OBhadrak756181
Ghanteswar Baliapal B.OBhadrak756129
Ghanteswar S.OBhadrak756129
Ghatapur B.OBhadrak756131
Ghosrabazar S.OBhadrak756100
Goladia B.OBhadrak756133
Golapokhari B.OBhadrak756130
Gopaljew Sugo B.OBhadrak756124
Gopalpur B.OBhadrak 756133
Gopinath Tejpur B.OBhadrak 756115
Goramati B.OBhadrak756123
Goudunipokhari B.OBhadrak756132
Gourgadi B.OBhadrak756111
Govindapur B.OBhadrak 756137
Govindpur B.OBhadrak756164
Govindpur Hanspat B.OBhadrak 756131
Guagadia B.OBhadrak 756124
Guamal S.OBhadrak 756163
Gujidarada S.OBhadrak 756128
Haladia B.OBhadrak 756129
Harekrishnapur B.OBhadrak 756132
Hatapur B.OBhadrak 756129
Hengupati B.OBhadrak 756131
Ichhada B.OBhadrak 756112
Ichhapur B.OBhadrak 756127
Jahangir B.OBhadrak 756117
Jaipur B.OBhadrak 756163
Jalamandua B.OBhadrak 756112
Jalanga B.OBhadrak 756181
Jaleswarpur B.OBhadrak 756132
Jamjodi B.OBhadrak 756131
Jitanaga B.OBhadrak 756127
K K Pur B.OBhadrak 756125
Kadabaranga B.OBhadrak 756135
Kaithkhola B.OBhadrak 756171
Kalai B.OBhadrak 756116
Kalasuni B.OBhadrak 756111
Kalyani B.OBhadrak756118
Kandaragadia B.OBhadrak756129
Kanheibindha B.OBhadrak756168
Kanpada B.OBhadrak756130
Kantia B.OBhadrak756114
Karanjamal B.OBhadrak756164
Karanpalli B.OBhadrak756164
Karanpokhari B.Bhadrak756132
Kasimpur B.OBhadrak756137
Kaupur B.OBhadrak756113
Kenduapada B.OBhadrak756112
Keshpur B.OBhadrak756128
Khadimahara B.OBhadrak756119
Khadipada B.OBhadrak756117
Khaparpada B.OBhadrak756116
Kheranga B.OBhadrak756131
Khirkona B.OBhadrak756168
Kiapada B.OBhadrak756165
Kishore Prasad B.OBhadrak756171
Kolha B.OBhadrak756130
Korkora B.OBhadrak756116
Korua B.OBhadrak 756137
Kothar S.OBhadrak 756118
Kuans S.OBhadrak 756100
Kubera B.OBhadrak 756163
Kuda B.OBhadrak 756132
Kudabarua B.OBhadrak 756101
Kulana B.OBhadrak 756121
Kumbharia B.OBhadrak 756122
Kurigaon B.OBhadrak 756117
Langudi B.OBhadrak 756116
Lunga B.OBhadrak 756124
Lunia B.OBhadrak 756116
Madhabnagar S.OBhadrak 756181
Madhapur B.OBhadrak 756132
Madhupur B.OBhadrak 756132
Maitapur B.OBhadrak 756111
Malada B.OBhadrak 756120
Mandari B.OBhadrak 756125
Mangalpur B.OBhadrak 756130
Manjuri B.OBhadrak 756122
Manjuri Road S.OBhadrak 756121
Matiasahi B.OBhadrak 756130
Matipaka B.OBhadrak 756125
Mohantipada B.OBhadrak 756115
Moharampur B.OBhadrak 756127
Motto S.OBhadrak 756132
Mouda B.OBhadrak 756181
Mousudha Bazar B.OBhadrak 756132
Mudusuli B.OBhadrak756131
Naami B.OBhadrak756121
Nadigaon B.OBhadrak 756119
Naguan B.OBhadrak756112
Naikanidihi S.OBhadrak756164
Nalagohira B.OBhadrak756132
Nalanga B.OBhadrak756112
Nalgira B.OBhadrak756113
Nalgunda B.OBhadrak756132
Nandapur B.OBhadrak756127
Nandapur B.OBhadrak756138
Nandore B.OBhadrak756116
Nangamahalla S.OBhadrak756100
Narasinghpur B.OBhadrak756168
Narasinghpurhat B.OBhadrak756171
Narayanpur B.OBhadrak756117
Narendrapur B.OBhadrak756129
Nerada B.OBhadrak756122
Nuagaon B.OBhadrak756162
Nuagaon Ichhapur B.OBhadrak756132
Nuahat B.OBhadrak756118
Odanga B.OBhadrak756135
Olaga B.OBhadrak756138
Olanga B.OBhadrak756135
Orasahi B.OBhadrak756133
Padamapur B.OBhadrak756124
Padhani B.OBhadrak756117
Padhanpara B.OBhadrak756114
Paliabindha S.OBhadrak756167
Palikiri B.OBhadrak756117
Panchutikiri B.OBhadrak756129
Pandarbatia B.OBhadrak756119
Pangata B.OBhadrak756119
Paramanandapur B.OBhadrak756132
Paramanandapur B.OBhadrak756122
Patnamishrapur B.OBhadrak756130
Patuli B.OBhadrak756112
Pirahatbazar S.OBhadrak756131
Pirhat B.OBhadrak756131
Piripur B.OBhadrak756112
Prabodhpur S.OBhadrak756125
R N Betra B.OBhadrak756112
Radhaballavpur B.OBhadrak756125
Rahania B.OBhadrak756120
Rahanja B.OBhadrak 756111
Raipur B.OBhadrak 756129
Rajgharpokhari B.OBhadrak 756131
Rajmukundapur B.OBhadrak 756116
Ramachandrapur B.OBhadrak 756114
Ramakrishnapur B.OBhadrak 756113
Rambhila B.OBhadrak756111
Rameswarpur B.OBhadrak 756117
Rampur B.OBhadrak 756132
Randiahat S.OBhadrak756135
Ranital S.O (Bhadrak)Bhadrak756111
Ratina B.OBhadrak756115
Sabrang S.OBhadrak756123
Sahada Sabrang B.OBhadrak756123
Sahapur B.OBhadrak756131
Sahaspur B.OBhadrak756119
Sahidnagar B.OBhadrak756116
Sahusahi B.OBhadrak756119
Sailendrapalli B.OBhadrak756132
Salandi Colony S.OBhadrak756100
Samian B.OBhadrak756123
Sanahavelisahi B.OBhadrak756164
Sanakrishnapur B.OBhadrak756125
Sanalpur B.OBhadrak756119
Sandado B.OBhadrak756115
Saragadia B.OBhadrak756101
Saramara B.OBhadrak756135
Sarasada B.OBhadrak756120
Saraswati B.OBhadrak756171
Sathibankuda B.OBhadrak756138
Saya B.OBhadrak756130
Sendtira B.OBhadrak 756114
Serpur B.OBhadrak 756127
Shyamsundarpur B.OBhadrak 756119
Silandi B.OBhadrak 756144
Sindol B.OBhadrak 756130
Smantraipur B.OBhadrak 756131
Sohara B.OBhadrak 756117
Sriganga B.OBhadrak 756116
Suan B.OBhadrak 756162
Subudhia B.OBhadrak 756129
Sukleswar B.OBhadrak 756133
Sunderpur B.OBhadrak 756119
Suryapur B.OBhadrak 756119
Susua B.OBhadrak 756116
Talagopabindha B.OBhadrak 756116
Talapada B.OBhadrak 756139
Tarago B.OBhadrak 756114
Tentulidihi B.OBhadrak 756133
Tesinga B.OBhadrak 756121
Tiadisahi B.OBhadrak 756131
Tihidi S.OBhadrak 756130
Tihiri B.OBhadrak756181
Tillo Barasahi B.OBhadrak756114
Todanga B.OBhadrak756112
Totapada B.OBhadrak756129
Ugratara B.OBhadrak756133
Uttarbahini S.OBhadrak756181
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