List of Post Offices/ Pincodes Of Nayagarh District, Odisha
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Post Office DistrictPincode
Adakata B.ONayagarh752093
B M S Nivas B.ONayagarh 752024
Badabanpur B.ONayagarh752078
Badabaramul B.ONayagarh 752025
Badagotha B.ONayagarh 752094
Badakumari B.ONayagarh 752065
Badasahara B.ONayagarh752063
Badasilinga B.ONayagarh752084
Badpandusar B.ONayagarh752068
Bahadajhola S.ONayagarh752082
Baigania B.ONayagarh752077
Balabhadrapur B.ONayagarh 752026
Baladianuagaon B.ONayagarh 752077
Balaramaprasad B.ONayagarh 752085
Balugaon B.ONayagarh752070
Bandhamunda B.ONayagarh752025
Banigochha S.ONayagarh752089
Banmalipurpatna B.ONayagarh752077
Banthapur B.ONayagarh752081
Barabati B.ONayagarh 752077
Barapalli B.ONayagarh752070
Barasahi B.ONayagarh752080
Basudia B.ONayagarh 752026
Baulasahi B.ONayagarh752092
Baunsabati B.ONayagarh752063
Baunsagada B.ONayagarh752026
Baunsagadia B.ONayagarh752080
Baunsiapada B.ONayagarh752068
Belapadapatna B.ONayagarh752085
Benagadia B.ONayagarh752077
Beruanbadi B.ONayagarh 752082
Bhagabanpur B.ONayagarh752077
Bhaliadihi B.ONayagarh752092
Bhapur S.O (Nayagarh)Nayagarh752063
Bhatasahi B.ONayagarh752070
Bhogabadi B.ONayagarh 752091
Bijipur B.ONayagarh752063
Binayakpur B.ONayagarh752080
Biruda B.ONayagarh752068
Bodas B.ONayagarh 752077
Brajarajpur B.ONayagarh752026
Chadeyapalli B.ONayagarh752089
Chahali B.ONayagarh752094
Chakradharprasad B.ONayagarh 752063
Champagarh B.ONayagarh752024
Champatipur B.ONayagarh752068
Chandapur S.O (Nayagarh)Nayagarh752024
Chhamundia B.ONayagarh752085
Damasahi B.ONayagarh752092
Dandor B.ONayagarh 752090
Darpanarayanpur B.ONayagarh 752079
Daspalla S.ONayagarh752084
Dhanchangada B.ONayagarh752078
Dihagaon B.ONayagarh752093
Dimiripali B.ONayagarh 752083
Dimisar B.ONayagarh752092
Duda B.ONayagarh752089
Durdura B.ONayagarh 752094
Ekiri B.ONayagarh752079
Fategarh B.ONayagarh752063
Gadadharprasad B.ONayagarh 752068
Gambharidihi B.ONayagarh752079
Gambharidihi B.ONayagarh752070
Gania S.ONayagarh752085
Garhbanikilo B.ONayagarh 752026
Gaudaput B.ONayagarh752081
Ghugudipada B.ONayagarh752084
Giridipalli B.ONayagarh752090
Gobardhan Prasad B.ONayagarh752063
Gobindapurpanta B.ONayagarh752093
Godipada S.ONayagarh752092
Gohiripada B.ONayagarh 752077
Golagola B.ONayagarh752070
Golapokhari B.ONayagarh752063
Gopalpur S.O (Nayagarh)Nayagarh752025
Gotisahi B.ONayagarh752070
Gourangapur B.ONayagarh 752026
Gumi B.ONayagarh752082
Gunthuni B.ONayagarh752068
Harakrushnapur B.ONayagarh 752068
Hariharpur B.ONayagarh752080
Itamati S.ONayagarh752068
Jadunathpur B.ONayagarh 752077
Jagannathprasad B.ONayagarh 752093
Jagannathprasad B.ONayagarh 752077
Jakeda B.ONayagarh752083
Jamusahi B.ONayagarh752084
Jamusahi B.ONayagarh 752079
Jasodapur B.ONayagarh752025
Jharapada B.ONayagarh752025
K .Sikharpur B.ONayagarh 752077
Kaibalyapur B.ONayagarh752081
Kainfulia B.ONayagarh752063
Kajaliapalli B.ONayagarh 752080
Kalapangi B.ONayagarh752077
Kalikaprasad B.ONayagarh752079
Kalyanpur B.ONayagarh752070
Kandhanayagarh B.ONayagarh 752024
Kankanamendhi B.ONayagarh752089
Kansada B.ONayagarh752065
Kantilo S.ONayagarh 752078
Kaptapalli B.ONayagarh752082
Karabar B.ONayagarh752063
Karadapada B.ONayagarh 752085
Kendudhipi B.ONayagarh752079
Kerandatangi B.ONayagarh752024
Kesharpur B.ONayagarh752079
Khairapalli B.ONayagarh 752026
Khalamada B.ONayagarh752083
Khalisahi B.ONayagarh752077
Khamarasahi B.ONayagarh 752091
Khandapadagarh S.ONayagarh 752077
Khatia B.ONayagarh752079
Khuntabandha B.ONayagarh752079
Kiajhar B.ONayagarh752077
Kishoreprasad B.ONayagarh 752085
Komand B.ONayagarh752090
Korada B.ONayagarh752083
Korapitha B.ONayagarh 752081
Koska B.ONayagarh752093
Kridaspur B.ONayagarh752070
Kujamendhi B.ONayagarh 752089
Kulasar B.O Nayagarh752065
Kulurukumpa B.ONayagarh 752089
Kumbharapada B.ONayagarh752093
Kural S.ONayagarh752090
Kurumabankatara B.ONayagarh752081
Lathipara B.ONayagarh752079
Lenkudipada B.ONayagarh752070
Lodhachua B.ONayagarh752026
Machhipada B.ONayagarh752070
Madanpur B.ONayagarh752090
Madhapur B.ONayagarh752078
Madhyakhand S.ONayagarh 752093
Mahatapalla B.ONayagarh 752025
Mahipur S.ONayagarh 752094
Malisahi B.ONayagarh 752070
Malisar B.ONayagarh 752094
Mandhatapur S.ONayagarh 752079
Mayurjhalia B.ONayagarh752025
Nabaghanapur B.ONayagarh752070
Nakithana B.ONayagarh 752025
Nandighore B.ONayagarh 752081
Narasinghpur B.ONayagarh 752026
Narendrapur B.ONayagarh 752065
Natimi B.ONayagarh 752026
Nayagarh Bazar S.ONayagarh 752070
Nayagarh College S.ONayagarh 752069
Nayagarh H.ONayagarh 752069
Neliguda B.ONayagarh752084
Nilakantheswarpur B.ONayagarh 752063
Nimani B.ONayagarh 752063
Notar B.ONayagarh 752079
Nuagaon B.ONayagarh 752089
Nuagaon S.O (Nayagarh)Nayagarh 752083
Nuapada B.ONayagarh 752093
Odagaon S.ONayagarh 752081
Padmabati B.ONayagarh 752063
Padmadeipur B.ONayagarh 752070
Pancharida B.ONayagarh 752080
Patanda B.ONayagarh 752085
Pimpal B.ONayagarh 752026
Poda Sahi B.ONayagarh752089
Poibadi B.ONayagarh752091
Pokharigochha B.ONayagarh752091
Purusottamprasad B.ONayagarh752077
Rabera B.ONayagarh752081
Raitadholamara B.ONayagarh752085
Rajingi B.ONayagarh752085
Rajranpur S.ONayagarh752026
Rajsunakhala S.ONayagarh752065
Rakama B.ONayagarh752063
Ranganipatna B.ONayagarh752081
Rasanga B.ONayagarh752085
Rohibanka B.ONayagarh752090
Sakeri B.ONayagarh752081
Salajharia B.ONayagarh752077
Salapada B.ONayagarh752063
Sampada B.ONayagarh752083
Saradhapur B.ONayagarh752068
Sarangadharpur B.ONayagarh752026
Sarankul S.ONayagarh752080
Satpatna S.ONayagarh752091
Sidhamula B.ONayagarh 752078
Sikharpur B.ONayagarh 752080
Sikrida B.ONayagarh 752083
Similisahi B.ONayagarh 752094
Similisahi B.ONayagarh 752091
Sinduria B.ONayagarh 752025
Sinduria S.ONayagarh 752069
Singarpalli B.ONayagarh 752082
Singhapada B.ONayagarh 752077
Srirampur B.ONayagarh752084
Subalaya B.ONayagarh752091
Sunamuhin B.ONayagarh752090
Surukabadi B.ONayagarh752065
Takera B.ONayagarh752084
Tarabalo B.ONayagarh752063
Taria B.ONayagarh752026
Tendabadi B.ONayagarh752091
Tikiripada B.ONayagarh752063
Tumandi B.ONayagarh752084
Udayapur B.ONayagarh752083
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