List of Post Offices/ Pincodes Of Nuapada District, Odisha
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Post Office DistrictPincode
Agren B.ONuapada766106
Babebir B.ONuapada 766118
Badi B.ONuapada 766107
Badmaheswar B.ONuapada 766107
Bargaon B.ONuapada 766107
Bargaon B.ONuapada 766118
Beltukri B.ONuapada 766104
Bhainsadani B.ONuapada 766111
Bhaleswer B.ONuapada 766104
Bhanpur B.ONuapada 766104
Bharuamunda B.ONuapada 766108
Bhella B.ONuapada 766106
Bhuliasikun B.ONuapada 766107
Birighat B.ONuapada 766118
Biromal B.ONuapada 766104
Bisora B.ONuapada 766104
Boden S.ONuapada 766111
Boirgaon B.ONuapada 766111
Budhikomna B.ONuapada 766106
Chalana B.ONuapada 766108
Chatiaguda B.ONuapada 766108
Chindaguda B.ONuapada 766107
Damjhar B.ONuapada 766111
Darlimunda B.ONuapada 766105
Darlipara B.ONuapada766105
Dharambandha B.ONuapada766105
Duajhar S.ONuapada766118
Dumerpani B.ONuapada766104
Gandamer B.ONuapada 766106
Gochhaguda B.ONuapada 766108
Godal B.ONuapada 766108
Godfurla B.ONuapada766105
Goimundi B.ONuapada766107
Gorla B.ONuapada766108
Gotma B.ONuapada766104
Hatibandha B.ONuapada766108
Jampani B.ONuapada766105
Jatgarh B.ONuapada766105
Jayabahal B.ONuapada766118
Jenjera B.ONuapada766104
Jhagrahi B.ONuapada766106
Jharbandh B.ONuapada766108
Karanbahali B.ONuapada 766108
Karangamal B.ONuapada766118
Karlakot B.ONuapada766111
Kendetara B.ONuapada766106
Kendubahara B.ONuapada766105
Kendumunda B.ONuapada766108
Kendupati B.ONuapada766118
Khaira B.ONuapada766111
Khariar Pattnaik Para S.ONuapada766107
Khariar Road S.ONuapada766104
Khariar Road Town S.ONuapada766104
Khariar S.ONuapada766107
Khasbahal B.ONuapada766107
Kirejhola B.ONuapada766111
Kirkita B.ONuapada766118
Kodomeri B.ONuapada 766104
Komna S.ONuapada766106
Konabira B.ONuapada766106
Kuliabandh B.ONuapada766104
Kureswar B.ONuapada766106
Kurumpuri B.ONuapada766105
Kusumjore B.ONuapada766108
Kutenchuan B.ONuapada766105
Lakhana B.ONuapada766105
Lanji B.ONuapada766118
Larka B.ONuapada766118
Litisargi B.ONuapada766111
Mahulibhata B.ONuapada766105
Makhapadar B.ONuapada766118
Mangarapalli B.ONuapada766104
Maraguda B.ONuapada766105
Michhapali B.ONuapada 766106
Motanuapada B.ONuapada 766105
Nagpada B.ONuapada 766111
Nangalbod B.ONuapada 766108
Nawapara Tanwat S.ONuapada 766105
Nilji B.ONuapada766108
Nuagaon B.ONuapada766106
Nuapada B.ONuapada766108
Palsada B.ONuapada766107
Panchampur B.ONuapada766105
Paraskhol B.ONuapada766105
Parkod B.ONuapada766104
Pendraban B.ONuapada766106
Pharsara B.ONuapada766111
Rajna B.ONuapada766106
Ranimunda B.ONuapada766108
Ranimunda B.ONuapada 766118
Sahajat B.ONuapada 766105
Saipala B.ONuapada 766105
Saradhapur B.ONuapada 766118
Sarbang B.ONuapada 766105
Sargadi B.ONuapada 766107
Sialati B.ONuapada 766105
Silva B.ONuapada 766105
Singjhar B.ONuapada 766108
Sinhapalli S.ONuapada 766108
Sunabeda B.ONuapada766106
Sunapur B.ONuapada766111
Tanwat B.ONuapada766105
Tarbod B.ONuapada766105
Tikrapara B.ONuapada766106
Timanpur B.ONuapada 766108
Tukla B.ONuapada 766107
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