List of Post Offices/ Pincodes Of Jharsuguda District, Odisha
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Post Office DistrictPincode
Aintapali B.OJharsuguda768215
Arda B.OJharsuguda768202
Attabira B.OJharsuguda 768226
Badmal B.OJharsuguda768202
Bagdehi S.OJharsuguda768220
Bagmunda B.OJharsuguda 768219
Bandhbahal Colony S.OJharsuguda 768211
Banjari B.OJharsuguda768217
Belpahar Rs S.OJharsuguda768217
Belpahar S.OJharsuguda768218
Bhalupatra B.OJharsuguda768220
Bhatlaida B.OJharsuguda768213
Bhaurkhol B.OJharsuguda768219
Bhimjore B.OJharsuguda768220
Brajarajnagar S.OJharsuguda768216
Chandinimal B.OJharsuguda768216
Charpali B.OJharsuguda768226
Charpali-barpali B.OJharsuguda768211
Chichinda B.OJharsuguda768216
Dalgaon B.OJharsuguda768211
Durlaga B.OJharsuguda 768204
Ektali B.OJharsuguda768202
Gandghara B.OJharsuguda768216
Goudpanpali PSSK B.OJharsuguda768220
Gudigaon B.OJharsuguda768202
H. Katapali B.OJharsuguda768202
Hirma B.OJharsuguda768202
I B B.OJharsuguda 768216
Industrial Estate Jharsuguda S S.OJharsuguda 768203
Itps Banaharpali S.OJharsuguda 768234
Jharsuguda H.OJharsuguda 768201
Jhirlapali B.OJharsuguda 768213
Jorabaga B.O Jharsuguda768217
K.M. Road Jharsuguda S.OJharsuguda 768202
Kadamdihi B.OJharsuguda 768219
Kanaktara B.OJharsuguda768226
Kandheikela B.OJharsuguda768226
Kapilapur B.OJharsuguda768226
Katabaga B.OJharsuguda768225
Kirmira B.OJharsuguda768220
Kolabira S.OJharsuguda 768213
Kudabaga B.OJharsuguda768219
Kudaloi B.OJharsuguda768217
Laikera S.OJharsuguda 768215
Lakhanpur S.O (Jharsuguda)Jharsuguda 768219
Lamptibahal B.OJharsuguda768216
Loisingh B.OJharsuguda768216
M. Katapali B.OJharsuguda768226
Malidihi B.OJharsuguda768213
Markuta B.OJharsuguda768202
Mochida B.OJharsuguda 768226
Mudrajore B.OJharsuguda768213
N. Adhapara B.OJharsuguda768234
Naxapali B.OJharsuguda768220
Niktimal B.OJharsuguda768213
O.M.P. Line Jharsuguda S.OJharsuguda768204
Orient Colliery Brajarajnagar S.OJharsuguda768233
Panchgaon S.OJharsuguda768226
Panchpara B.OJharsuguda768204
Pandri B.OJharsuguda768234
Paramanandapur B.OJharsuguda 768213
Pithinda PSSK B.OJharsuguda 768226
R. Kudapali B.OJharsuguda 768225
Raghunathpali B.OJharsuguda 768213
Rajpur B.OJharsuguda768216
Ramella B.OJharsuguda768211
Rampaluga (Reneda) B.OJharsuguda 768234
Rampella B.OJharsuguda768211
Rampur Colliery S.OJharsuguda768225
Remta B.OJharsuguda768226
Sahaspur B.OJharsuguda 768215
Samasingha B.OJharsuguda768213
Sarandamal B.OJharsuguda768211
Sarangloi B.OJharsuguda768215
Sarbahal S.OJharsuguda768201
Sr Brajarajnagar S.OJharsuguda768216
Sr Jharsuguda S.OJharsuguda768201
Sripura B.OJharsuguda768202
Sudang B.OJharsuguda 768215
Sulahi B.OJharsuguda768202
Sunari B.OJharsuguda768234
Talmal B.OJharsuguda 768204
Talpatia B.O Jharsuguda768204
Thebra B.OJharsuguda768219
Ubuda B.OJharsuguda 768217
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