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Maa Dhamarai,Bhadrak,Odisha

Goddess Dhamrai :
The temple of the Goddess Dhamrai is at Dhamara a small coastal town-ship,where the river Dhamra meets the Bay of Bengal. The place is about 60 Kms from the district headquarters in the eastern direction. It is surrounded by Chandbali in the West, Basudebpur in the North, Kalibhanjadia in the South and Bay of Bengal in the East.

There are a number of folk tales and legends regarding the deity and the temple.
According to one of the historical legends, one merchant namely Dhaneswar who often traded with the Singhalies (Srilanka) had brought a deity namely "Pashana Mangala" from Srilanka and had established the same at Dhamara on his way back home. The said deity later on came to be known as MAA DHAMARAI. According to one of the folktales Maa Dhamrai had five sisters and was residing at a place called "Satabhaya".

Her five sisters were carnivorous in contradiction to her being purely vegetarian, which had angered her sisters and they pushed her deep in to the sea. Floating on the water Maa Dhamarai came towards Chandinipala and is believed to have been caught in the fishing net of one Sanatana Dalai and Bulei Behera who had rescued her and started worshiping keeping her in their house.
Later on it is believed that on the same night the queen of the then King of Kanika, Sailendra Narayan Bhanjadeo saw a dream where in Maa Dhamarai ordered her to build a temple. The temple built by the then king Sailendra Narayan Bhanjadeo by the year 1953 got destroyed and the remains even was washed away into the sea. During the said period the people worshiped the deity keeping her inside a thatched roof house.

The nearest railway station is Bhadrak which is 62 kms away from Dhamra on Chennai to Howrah line. Bhadrak is 143 kms from Bhubaneswar and 297 kms from Howrah. A single track broad gauge line has been constructed by DPCL from Bhadrak or Ranital Link Cabin to Dhamra. Dhamra is connected by road with Bhadrak 82 kms, the nearest major town on the National Highway 5. The distance between Dhamra and Bhubaneswar is 205 kms.


Bhadrakali Temple :
The famous temple of Goddess Bhadrakali is located in the outskirts of the revenue village Aharapada which is at a distance of 8 kms away from Bhadrak town in the south- west direction. One has to go via Santhia and Utarabahini in the south-west direction of Kacheri Chhaka of Bhadrak town to reach the shrine. The popular belief is that the name of the Town has been derived from the name of the deity. The Godess:
The statue of Goddess is of black granite and is seated in lotus posture on a lion. The temple remains open for visitors and devotees everyday from 6.30 am to 1pm and again from 3pm to 9.30 pm.

As per the nomenclature of the goddess one tends to believe that it is the goddess Kali who is being worshiped in this Bhadrakali Pitha. However, since the deity is seated on a lion, one school of thought has opined that the goddess can be no other than the goddess Durga


Akhandalamani :
One of the most important seats of Shaivism and most revered too, the  Akhandalamani Templeis situated at Aradi, about 52 km from Bhadrak. The presiding deity here is Lord Shiva; the deity is referred locally by the name ‘Baba Akhandalamani. The temple was built by the King of Konika Shri Harihara Bhanja and his chief queen Satyabhama Patadei. The temple is about 150 ft high and all the stones used for its construction was brought from the historic hill of Lalitgiri near Chandikhol. The main entrance hall was built by a sage named Shri Narasingha Pratap Kumar and the surrounding wall of the temple was built by a noted sage named Shri Darshan Sekhara Das.


Sri Biranchinarayan Temple :
Sri Biranchinarayan Temple is in Palia village, which is located 15 km south of Bhadrak, on the way from Bhadrak to Chandabali. It occupies a significant place in the cultural map of Orissa state of India. Today, the standing Biranchi Narayan Temple stands as evidence of the heritage of Surya Upasana in Orissa. Biranchi Narayan is another name for Lord Surya, the Sun God of light and lustre.
The existing temple is dedicated to Biranchinarayan, who is enshrined as a roughly four faced image of the Sun. A square stone slightly tapering towards the top contains four carved images of the Sun god in relief, on the four sides of a slab. The figures hold two lotuses in two hands, as usual, and are depicted standing on chariots drawn by seven horses. Architecturally, the temple can be dated to the 13th century. It was renovated and reconstructed in the beginning of the 20th century by the generosity of a local zamindar.

Bhadrak is the nearest railway station which is between Bhubaneswar and Howrah.Lots of taxies and bus facilities are there for Paalia.

Dhamra Port,Bhadrak,Odisha

Dhamara Port :
Dhamara Port is an ancient port on the banks of the river Baitarani, around 5 kms from Kanika Palace. The reminiscent are the direction tower and some ancient structures.

The nearest railway station is Bhadrak which is 62 kms away from Dhamra on Chennai to Howrah line. Bhadrak is 143 kms from Bhubaneswar and 297 kms from Howrah. A single track broad gauge line has been constructed by DPCL from Bhadrak or Ranital Link Cabin to Dhamra. Dhamra is connected by road with Bhadrak 82 kms, the nearest major town on the National Highway 5. The distance between Dhamra and Bhubaneswar is 205 kms.


Raktatirtha : Location This famous place of sacrifice located at 16 km away from Basudebpur of Bhadrak district. One side of this land is bounded by the Bay of Bengal and the other three sides are surrounded by two rivers the Gameye and Kansabansa. Secured by these natural boundaries this place is used as a citadel by the freedom fighters. Due to these natural boundaries it is not so easy for the police and the administrative persons to enter in to this place.
More over there is an open field bounded by three sides with one gate in its north east direction, which was used by the freedom fighters as a place of public meeting. Starting from 1920 prominent nationalist leaders of ODISHA like Utkalmani Gopabandhu Das and Utkal Kesari Dr. H.K. Mahatab perform public meetings at that place for several times to propagate the Gandhian ideals of freedom struggle. The Unpleasant Incident During the time of Quit India Movement this field of Eram was frequently used by the freedom fighters for public meeting and agitation against foreign rulers.

On 28th September 1942 there was a huge gathering at that place. Afraid by this gathering a police force from Basudebpur police station, lead by DSP Kunjabihari Mohanty march towards Eram. As like Jaliyanawalawag here DSP Kunjabihari Mohanty acted as General Dayar and opened fire to the huge gathering at 6.30 pm, who were performing the agitation against the foreign rulers in a peaceful way. Since the field was bounded from three sides therefore no one able to get escape as of the field and within some minutes 28 persons get dead on the spot and 56 get injured, another person among the injured get dead later on. Among the dead include one woman named Pari Bewa, who is regarded as the only lady martyrs of ODISHA. Here the situation is very much similar to that of Jaliyanawalawag and the numbers of martyrs were also just second to jaliyanawalawag.

Therefore Eram which is popularly known as Rakta Tirtha (The Pilgrim of Blood) after this unpleasant incident was truly designated as the Second Jaliyanawalawag of India. The Martyrs 1. Pari Bewa , Eram, Basudebpur 2. Gopal Chandra Das , Padhnuan 3. Biswanath Das , Padhuan 4. Bijuli Das , Padhuan 5. Hrushikesh Behera , Padhuan 6. Madan Palai , Padhuan 7. Ballahaba Behera , Padhuan 8. Magha Mahalika , Padhuan 9. Bhua Majhi , Padhuan 10. Kali ajhi , Padhuan Kumarpur 11. Radhu ahalika , Padhuan Muladiha 12. Dhruba Charana Dey , Padhuan 13. Basudeb Sahu , Padhuan 14. Hari Behera , Padhuan 15. Dibakar Panigrahi , Guda Kesagadia 16. Krushna Chandra Swain , Padhuan Kumarpur 17. Bhaban Rout , Padhuan Nandapura 18. Nidhi Mahalika , Padhuan 19. Brundaban Panda , Padhuan 20. Upa Mallika , Nuangan 21. Krupasindhu Behera , Sankharu 22. Rama Majhi , Padhuan Kumarpur 23. Mani Behera , Padhuan 24. Kati Sahu , Iswarapur 25. Ratnakar Pani , Sudarsanpur 26. Mani Pradhana , Suan Sudarsanpur 27. Pari Das , Suan 28. Sankar Mallika , Adhunan 29. Gobinda Rout , Artungan Ref. Sangrama Bhumi Bhadrak a book in Odia.

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