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Article: Nabakalevar | Nabakalebara at Puri Odisha | Jagannatha Nawakalevar By Navakalevara
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Due of Navakalevara and meaning of Maha Anabasar


The year in which the Panchang/Panji exhibits two Ashadha months, that is the year for Navakalebara, the middle thirty days, out of total 60days is know as Adhimasa or Malamasa.. Initial 45days, three fortnights (Pakshya) out of total 60days is called Maha Anabasara, first extra 30days for special purposes + next 15days for normal Anabasara purposes) the distribution of man-days item wise are


First fortnight (Pakhya) &ndash Making of the wooden idols, placement of Brahma and their consecration..


Second fortnight (Pakhya) &ndash Patali, the burial of old idols and observation of Asaucha Bidhi..


Third  fortnight (Pakhya) &ndash Normal Anabasar performances of new idols (giving the final form to the wooden idols and their paintings etc..)

In the history of the last century reveals that Navakalevara come at the gap of 8, 9, 11, 12 and 19years.. (1904, 1912, 1931, 1950, 1969, 1977, 1996)..


CHANGE OF BRAHMA-- After completion of making of the idols, on 14th day of dark fortnight in the month of Jyestha, during night the new Bigrahs are shifted to Anabasar Pindi.. The temple is made vacant, non, except Pati Mahapatra and three Badagrahi Daitapatis are allowed to remain within the temple premises.. All four gates will remain close.. The entire temple is made dark, even whole city will blackout that night.. All preists will properly covered by patta cloths, they neither can touch nor feel the Brahma.. Durning the change moment all Daitas will become un conscious.. In the mid-night in an auspicious time the Brahma from the old idols are removed and implanted within the new idols.. As this procedure and the Brahma itself, are top secret, nothing more can be expressed in this regard..


2nd Fortnight of Maha Anabasara (Patali and Ancillaries)-

The old deities are carried on the shoulders of the Daitapatis and buried within Mahagarta (A pit of 12feet x 12 feet size, dug by Koth Suansia) within the Koili-Baikuntha.. In temple terms this is called &lsquoPatali&rsquo.. Therreafter, the Sarathis, Parswadevatas and the horses, accompanying the deities on Raths, during car festival are also buried.. From the same mid-night Daitapatis and Pati Mahapatrs observe the funerary process for ten days.. On the tenth day, along with all teir family members, they go to Marandeya pond, shave themselves, take bath, wear new clothes come to Srimandir and wash their feet in turmeric-mixed water on Baisi Pahacha (22 steps).. A &lsquoMahotschaba&rsquo is observed thereafter on Trayodashi, in which more than ten thousand persons (Brahmins, Sevayats and others) partake Mahaprasad..


3rd Fortnight of Maha Anabasara-

During this period the Saptavaran, the ritual of coverings and paintings etc.. of the fnfew idols are taken up.. The secret items of covering of idols by pata clotes, phuluri lagi, jhuna lagi, taila lagi etc.. are done only by Daitapatis.. Painting of the idols are made by Dutta Mahapatra according to prescribed specifications.. The subsequent rituals are &ndash Chakabije (on Anabasara Dashami), Khali Lagi, (on Anabasara Ekadashi), Rajaprasad (on Anabasara Dwadasi), Ghana Lagi (on Anabasar Trayodashi), and chaka apasara lagi (on Anabasar Chaturdasi) etc.. In course of such process, other sevayats and deovees are not allowed for darshan..


Towards the end of Maha Anabasara all such formalities of Navakalevar comes to an end.. On the occasions of Uva Yatra, innumerable devotes get the Nabajauban darshan of Chaturdhamurti and pray them..


Kadachit kalinditata bipin-sangeetkabaro/

Mudabhir-nari-badan kamalaswad-madhupah/

Rama-sambhu-brahma surapati ganesharchit pado/

Jagannathswami nayanpathgami bhabatu me//


(Sri Jagannathastakam)

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