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Station CodeStation NameArrival TimeDeptt. TimeDistance (in km.)Day
HWHHOWRAH JN 11:45:00 AM11:45:00 AM01
MCAMECHEDA12:40:00 PM12:42:00 PM591
PKUPANSKURA1:02:00 PM1:04:00 PM711
KGPKHARAGPUR JN 1:47:00 PM1:52:00 PM1161
BLDABELDA2:21:00 PM2:23:00 PM1541
JERJALESWAR2:48:00 PM2:50:00 PM1871
BTSBASTA3:08:00 PM3:10:00 PM2061
ROPRUPSA JN 3:23:00 PM3:25:00 PM2161
BLSBALASORE3:45:00 PM3:50:00 PM2341
SOROSORO4:13:00 PM4:15:00 PM2671
MKOMARKONA4:28:00 PM4:30:00 PM2821
BHCBHADRAK5:13:00 PM5:15:00 PM2961
BTVBAITARANI ROAD 5:36:00 PM5:37:00 PM3281
KRIHKORAI HALT 5:44:00 PM5:45:00 PM3351
JJKR JAJPUR K ROAD5:50:00 PM5:52:00 PM3401
DNM DHANMANDAL6:20:00 PM6:21:00 PM3761
CTC CUTTACK6:55:00 PM7:00:00 PM4121
BRAG BARANG7:17:00 PM7:18:00 PM4231
BBS BHUBANESWAR7:45:00 PM7:50:00 PM4391
KUR KHURDA ROAD JN 8:20:00 PM8:35:00 PM4581
NKPNIRAKARPUR8:56:00 PM8:58:00 PM4841
KAPGKALUPARA GHAT 9:11:00 PM9:13:00 PM5021
BALUBALUGAON9:34:00 PM9:36:00 PM5291
CLKACHILKA9:43:00 PM9:45:00 PM5361
CAPCHATRAPUR10:22:00 PM10:24:00 PM5841
BAMBRAHMAPUR10:40:00 PM10:50:00 PM6051
IPMICHCHPURAM11:12:00 PM11:14:00 PM6291
SPTSOMPETA11:27:00 PM11:29:00 PM6471
PSAPALASA12:18:00 AM12:20:00 AM6792
NWPNAUPADA JN 12:42:00 AM12:44:00 AM7052
CHESRIKAKULAM ROAD1:20:00 AM1:22:00 AM7522
CPPCHIPURUPALLE1:52:00 AM1:54:00 AM7912
VZMVIZIANAGRAM JN 2:20:00 AM2:35:00 AM8212
KTVKOTTAVALASA 3:02:00 AM3:04:00 AM8562
SCMSIMHACHALAM3:20:00 AM3:22:00 AM8742
DVDDUVVADA4:33:00 AM4:35:00 AM9002
AKPANAKAPALLE4:53:00 AM4:54:00 AM9152
YLMELLAMANCHILI5:14:00 AM5:15:00 AM9392
TUNITUNI5:43:00 AM5:44:00 AM9792
ANVANNAVARAM5:58:00 AM5:59:00 AM9962
PAPPITHAPURAM6:19:00 AM6:20:00 AM10212
SLOSAMALKOT JN 6:34:00 AM6:35:00 AM10332
DWPDWARAPUDI7:04:00 AM7:05:00 AM10632
RJYRAJAHMUNDRY7:42:00 AM7:44:00 AM10832
NDDNIDADAVOLU JN 8:08:00 AM8:09:00 AM11052
TDDTADEPALLIGUDEM8:26:00 AM8:27:00 AM11252
EEELURU9:00:00 AM9:01:00 AM11732
BZAVIJAYAWADA JN 11:00:00 AM11:20:00 AM12322
KMTKHAMMAM12:30:00 PM12:32:00 PM13342
MABDMAHBUBABAD1:15:00 PM1:16:00 PM13812
WLWARANGAL2:08:00 PM2:10:00 PM14412
KZJKAZIPET JN 2:40:00 PM2:42:00 PM14512
ZNJANGAON3:31:00 PM3:32:00 PM14992
ALERALER3:55:00 PM3:56:00 PM15132
BGBHONGIR4:26:00 PM4:27:00 PM15362
SCSECUNDERABAD JN6:00:00 PM6:05:00 PM15832
HYBHYDERABAD DECAN6:30:00 PM6:30:00 PM15922
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